second mag?

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Re: second mag?

Postby uberwootage » Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:29 pm

I carry 3 spare mags on me.

Thats a total of 49 rounds of .357 Sig. Thats a lot of fire power. Mag in the P229 is Ranger T's. Then another mag is loaded with them and the other is loaded with some 125gr fmj's that are lower pretty hot in case i need even more penetration "Not like the .357 sig is lacking that even with hallowpoints."

What it comes down to is training. Mags can fail. Its faster to switch mags then clear jams. At that point in you're life you do not want to be trying to clear jams or missfeeds. And if you test your mags and they work and you want to put your life on that then you are a fool. I would carry no less then 2 spare mags. Not that i expect to shoot that much but i plan on atleast one failing and hope that none will.

At one point after i got out of the Army. i was carrying my P229 and Glock 26. Because if some snowballs chance in hell my P229 jammed that would of been dropped to the ground and that glock would of came out. Its faster to switch guns then it is to reload or clear a jam.

You look at these situations a little diff. after you have been on a 2 way firing range. No plan survives first contact and the way people plan there EDC some times is just silly.

Also keep in mind People can take more then a few bullets. If you dont place you're shots right those 10 rounds wont drop shit even if they all hit the target. Now factor in a moving target. You never having dealt with an adrenaline dump like that. If you land 2 of those 10 shots then you did pretty good. All the range time and paper you shoot means jack shit when that adrenaline dumps for the first time.
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Re: second mag?

Postby TheRandomFirearm » Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:46 pm

Three spares mags and two guns? Do you live in Somalia? Lol. Failures are not that common, but if it works for you, it works for you!
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Re: second mag?

Postby sccytoter » Sun Jan 04, 2015 4:43 pm

Well, I hope that I am never in a situation to where I would need a second gun. I'll stick to my second magazine, and hope the good Lord will handle the rest for me...if not, then I'm on my way.
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Re: second mag?

Postby BiggJimm » Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:08 pm

Uber must live in a tough neighborhood !! I like his reference to a two way shooting range.
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Re: second mag?

Postby bubbinator » Tue May 30, 2017 1:23 am

I always carry two extra mags no matter what gun I am carrying. Just a habit-basic load. Ran dry once in Thailand using Thai Police issued M-1 Carbine (No GI issue allowed) and Thai cop only brought single mag with that weapon. I taught them to reload ammo with a Lee Loader using bullets and primers sent to me, their brass and H110 powder from Carbine ammo which they had lots of.
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Re: second mag?

Postby Lefty Red » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:15 pm

I think the carrying of a second magazine is a MUST. And not just for fighting ninjas.

I carry single stacks most of times, or j frame so I'm comfortable with single digit ammo count.

The second magazine is there in case something goes wrong with the first one. Or, most likely, accidentally dropped or is missing. It happens more often than you would think.


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Re: second mag?

Postby wrench459 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:52 pm

Lefty Red wrote:I think the carrying of a second magazine is a MUST. And not just for fighting ninjas.
. Or, most likely, accidentally dropped or is missing. It happens more often than you would think.

Be sure to train for a quick mag change in case of wtshtf.
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Re: second mag?

Postby WoodLark » Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:02 pm

No matter what gun I am carrying, I always carry either a reload (magazine or moon clips for revolver), a second gun or both.
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