What is your personal gun culture?

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What is your personal gun culture?

Postby woohog1 » Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:33 pm

New guy here, so if this has already been asked, please forgive.
Recently talking with a few work friends we ran across the topic of "guns"
Couple of guys say, we have a couple, some more say no dont have any, I reply with a simple, grew up with them, have a decent few, and want to purchase some more later on...
Well at the end of the day, one of the guys who I have known for years asks me " How many weapons do you own?" To which I actually have to stop and think about. So, naturally that got me pondering, what are others "gun culture"

As for me, I grew up in a home with weapons. I learned to shoot as soon as I could shoot dads old ithica single shot 20 guage, probably around 8 or so. Weapons were normal to me. We always had 2 pistols on top of the book cases in my folks room. As well as a very nice gun cabinet that was in the den.
Grand parents on both sides of my family had weapons as well. My dads dad, was very willing to let us grandkids shoot anything we wanted under his supervision, all we had to to was ask him, and he made time to take us in the back yard. He never locked them up, just put them in the closet, but we all knew where they were kept and also where the ammo was. Never a thought about us "playing" with them. He would even take the time to explain to us the differences in most of them, and tell us how he had acquired them.

My mothers folks were just about the same way, course we couldnt shoot at thier home, but grandpa never locked his up, or unloaded them before we went to sleep at night. Matter of fact, I can disctintly remember a smith and wesson .357 being on his nightstand for my formative years, and up until the day he died, it was where he left it, on his side of the bed, right on the edge of his nightstand.

My wives family though is different, her father owned quite a few nice weapons, (I would love to "acquire" them one day) however all of his were always locked up in the closet and unloaded.
In my home, I carry from the time I put my pants on til I take them off, then it is on the dresser less than 5 feet from me. I have them all loaded as well as ammo near by in case I need to cycle carry ammo that day. My wife does not understand my stance on the issue, but I can see where she may have had her opinion formed from. She would prefer them to be out of sight, in a closet etc, unloaded, just in case. We have no children by the way.

So this brings me to my question, what is yall's "gun culture?" Do you and your significant other agree with each other, and do you think your formative years helped form your opinion?
Looking forward to a great conversation and learning quite a bit here.
Semper Fi!
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Re: What is your personal gun culture?

Postby Cashley1 » Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:49 pm

Well first off "none of your business " should be yiur answer to anyone asking specifics about what you do ,or don't own.I am much like you I grew up with guns around was taught to respect them and how to shoot from an early age.regretably we no longer live in times as safe as we once did.we keep our non carry guns in a locked safe however everyone in my family that is of legal age has a ccw and carries everyday.as forose work buddies who don't own guns if they are family men you might point out how 8min is considered a fast responce time for police in most large cities.if they live outside of a major city they can double or even tripple that time and be very close to the average responce time.ask them why they put such a low priority on their family's safety.
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Re: What is your personal gun culture?

Postby ChefRaider » Sun Jun 28, 2015 7:28 am

Dad hid his guns. We lived 20 miles from Detroit. He was so afraid my brother and I would get into trouble. He grew up on a farm in Costa Rica and carried a .22 everywhere. He would tell us stories of shooting wild dogs, monkeys and snakes. When I was 18 I bought a shot gun and he freaked out, "what do you need that for?" I started hunting with a friend and never looked back. I now live in northern Michigan and my wife and kids shoot. Only my 14 year old is really into it but my 12 year old and wife have the knowledge, they just dont enjoy it he same as we do. I carry all the time just because I like to. At first wifey was uncomfortable with it but never said anything, I could just tell. Now she's glad I do, she feels better. When we go to the city I carry three. My dad asked me why. I explained that in a bad situation I can hand one to wifey or the daughter. They both can outshoot me.
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Re: What is your personal gun culture?

Postby sccytoter » Fri Jul 03, 2015 7:42 pm

I was raised around firearms as well. My father only owned rifles, but when I was 13, my mother bought me a 12 gage pump action shotgun for hunting. She was good about that, although I never remember seeing her shoot a gun.

I spent 4 years in the Marines, and earned my 3rd award bar for my expert shooting badge. I was a range coach a couple of times, a two-week "DET" away from my MOS. I enjoyed helping other Marines, who could not shoot quite as well, make sure they qualified. If you could not, you were out.

Our kids are grown now, and we have a granddaughter, but I hauled the kids to the range so much that by the time they were 16 or so, they could have cared less about shooting. (Did that on purpose) Funny thing is, now that my son has a wife and kid of his own, now he wants to get back into shooting, and is looking around for his first firearm purchase.

Well, that's my story. My gun collection as been "tailored" down to some shotguns, rifles, and handguns that I would trust my life with. Good quality and tough. I had so many at one time, but decided it was smarter to have a few really dependable ones, and a lot more ammo to feed them in an emergency.

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