securing a firearm in your vehicle

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Re: securing a firearm in your vehicle

Postby xpoqx » Wed Feb 01, 2017 2:09 pm

getvicious wrote:One thing to remember about the various handgun lock boxes is that they do not do anything to keep your gun from being stolen from your car. They just limit access to the gun. A thief who breaks into your car will just take the lock box and open it later. A hammer and screwdriver do the job just fine.

Of course a lock box is still a good idea and I have a couple too. Just don't expect it to keep your gun from being stolen from your car if it's broken into.

^This, all your doing is limiting the access to the firearm.

Preferably you have a lock box that has some sort of attachment device to your vehicle such as mounting plate or steel retention cable. From my knowledge and experience IMHO you shouldn't keep it inside of the passenger compartment. Most vehicle buglaries are perpetrated by youth's, who are "car flopping/car shopping". It is millennial slang for stealing from vehicles. They will usually travel in groups at night; any time after it gets dark, usually late night/early morning, on foot or by bicycle, and buglarize every unsecured vehicle in the neighborhood. They will go through the entire passenger compartment looking for anything of value, and locked glovebox or center console will not adequately deter them from forcing entrance. Unless your lockbox is secured to your vehicle, as getvicious said, they will probablly find a way to remove it from said vehicle. My solution is storing it in an unorthodox/hard to get to area.

Me personally, I have a smaller sized crossover/suv, and the passenger compartment is like the entire vehicle, but it has concealed "trunk space.". The spare for my car is mounted under it so they left the negative space where it would have been inside the vehicle. It's like it's own tiny trunk. I keep mine in a lockbox inside of a "emergency snow kit" in the recessed trunk thing. You gotta know the trunk is there, and the to rummage through this bag of stuff for the lockbox. It was either that or jam it inbetween this thing and the back of the bottom of the seats.
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Re: securing a firearm in your vehicle

Postby pradeep1 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:16 pm

I've attached a strong magnet to the underside of my driver's seat. The seat curves up underneath and I can slip my handgun up there and it is held in place securely and someone won't be able to find it casually looking under the seat. The magnet is strong enough (~150 lb. pull) that it will keep my CPX-2 held securely even if it is in a holster. Then my car is locked and the security system is armed. I also make sure to leave nothing extraneous visible inside of the car - not even a drink cup, a cell phone charger, or a pillow. My car is clean, and nothing inside seems worth breaking in for. I don't advertise any brands or loyalties on my vehicle and my car is generic, nondescript, and an older model (2014) Ford.
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