What are your experiences with police?

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Re: What are your experiences with police?

Postby wrench459 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:26 pm

I get pulled over on the average about once a month.
I pull my drivers license out and put it on clipboard.
My shop has taped a valid insurance card on the back.

Then I hand it to the officer while having both hands on the top of the steering wheel.
Never had a bad event.
Yes officer the tag is expired.
I'm just doing my job...just as you are.
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Re: What are your experiences with police?

Postby Merc6 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:24 am

Hektor wrote:
chico wrote:As a retired OPP I'll give you the prospective from the officers view ,first be polite and keep your hands in plain view on the wheel,I would suggest do not volunteer any imfo follow his directions and provide necessary paperwork ,now relax if this is a simple traffic stop there should be no need to inform him of your weapon,unless he asks outrite then of course give him the type of gun the location and it's state of ready,even if you do'nt have a carry permit m ost states allow you to retain a firearm in your car as long as it is not in plain view,the officers biggest concern is for his safety so if your not nervous he should'nt be either ,the most dangerous officer is a rooky that is nervous his finger is already close to the trigger and more so if the odds are a bunch of rude young toughs .But for most of us this should be a mild inconveniece.I have carried a gun my whole life (63yrs old) legally most of the time but at times it has been politically incorrect but I carried anyway ,I not suggesting you ignore the law and carry without a permit but when your life or that of your family is at stake well you have to decide for yourself whats important, if your very discreet no one is the wiser as long as you act accordingly,point in case the movie THe Brave One .if you have seen the movie you get my point.

Hi. I agree with the first part of your post. However, here in Ohio, armed CCW permit holders are required to immediately give notice at the beginning of any police encounter. Failure to do so is a crime and could possibly get one killed if the encounter goes south. Transporting a firearm without a CCW permit is permitted, but there are stipulations on the weapon and the ammunition being inside the passenger area of the vehicle at the same time. The legislature went to great lengths just to define "unloaded." Laws vary and it is important to know those laws, especially when travelling.

Yeah I was just about to reply to this and I don't ever use the word gun or weapon as that spooks the n00bs. Handing the CHL with license and saying something like "I'm exercising my 2nd amendment" is usually what I say. As for VA when I lived there, open carry in a vehicle was way more better so you didn't have to hand over anything but a drivers liceanse and I still told them I had it before they saw it sitting on the passenger seat. I also made sure he told his partner I had it too as there was times I had to exit the vehicle and it was better I didn't take it off before I did so. Their version of concealed was if it was hidden in a unlocked glovebox or center console leaving you with infinite ways to mount it and be lawful. If you could buy the gun legally you could open carry it legally unless it was an off limits area. Actually my concealed course for VA was an online class. Wish it was that simple in Ohio, luckily a 522 and a 214 are good enough.
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Re: What are your experiences with police?

Postby smokeyburb » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:22 pm

Overall my experiences have been good. Two recent ineractions during a business trip were no exception.

Incident 1 was when my vehicle was burglarized in a hotel parking lot. The officer was on the scene before me as I was only one victim out of two at the hotel, 10 total that night at other hotels. I informed the city officer I was carrying and showed him my out of state, but accepted permit and my ID card since I am also a state sworn law enforcement assistant. The officer was curious about what I do as an assistant, but no further interest in what or how I was carrying. Positive experience on this end. (FWIW: We had one bag containing computer accessories jacked and several shirts taken from another bag. Insurance covered the glass repair and we hit the road in the late afrernoon).

Incident 2 was in another state just after I dumbly followed GPS directions onto a toll road that only accepted prepaid passes, no cash! About 30 seconds after exiting the toll way I saw a city officer parked at a gas station. I drove up to his vehicle, rolled down the window, turned on the interior light and shut off my truck. I tried yelling over the roar of traffic but the officer exited his vehicle and came to the window. He assured me that blowing one toll was not a problem, just don't do it three times because that generates more interest from the state toll authorities. I didn't mention that I was carrying but the interaction was great.

Pray for safety for the men and women who hold the thin blue line!

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Re: What are your experiences with police?

Postby fla-gypsy » Wed May 03, 2017 4:07 pm

The last time I had to interact with the police on the road was 5 years ago
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Re: What are your experiences with police?

Postby TrapperBob » Sat May 06, 2017 12:50 pm

Here in NC you also are required to notify law enforcement immediately when you are carrying a concealed firearm. Also, without a CCW you cannot have a firearm within reach, loaded or unloaded, in your car.

My experience with LEOs has only been when I'm open carrying, in which case I get a glance and nothing else. No officer or deputy has ever said anything or even given a second glance.
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Re: What are your experiences with police?

Postby WoodLark » Mon May 08, 2017 8:20 pm

In south Carolina, you are required to notify any time you are asked by an officer to identify yourself. I have been stopped twice at Highway Patrol road blocks. I simply handed my CWP to the officer along with my DL. Both asked if I was carrying, and one asked where the gun was (at the time, it was illegal to carry a gun in your car unless it was either on your body or in a closed compartment. That law has now been changed.) I told him "on my left hip" and he was satisfied. Both officers were very courteous and did not appear to be concerned.
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