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Postby TexasLookout » Sat May 04, 2013 9:02 pm

Attending the 2013 NRA LEADERSHIP FORUM in Houston yesterday.

Well it was the best $10 to hear the most dedicated Group of Speakers with facts ever spent by me.

Their Values and Views are held by many of us. It is to Preserve, Protect the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights from Foreign and Domestic Attack.

I met people from all over the country who were attending and really was taken by how far away people came.

Never being a member of the NRA and or ever going to any of their Conventions it was time, and learning the real Truths of the NRA.

And now my belief more than ever to tell as many people as I can.

I can only think of future generations to come after me having the exact same freedom that was fought so hard for by our founding fathers to make sure I had it and for me to pass it all on to the future generations. Not Bits and Pieces of the US Constitution along with the BILL of Rights BUT ALL OF IT.

I could go on and on but you should form your own thoughts. You can view all the Speakers at the NRA Website (all the speakers I saw had the American Flag as a Background)
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