Now - We'll see....

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Now - We'll see....

Postby getvicious » Fri Nov 14, 2014 11:22 pm

We the people have spoken and removed the Democrat Party from power in the Senate and strengthened the Republican majority in the House.

Now we will see the Democrats in the Senate do everything they can to made their party look like the protector / champion of the American People and make the Republican Party look like the bad guys. Nothing the Democrats do before the newly elected members of Congress take office next year will be for the good of the country - just to damage the Republicans and help their own position (as they see it).

The President will continue his "divide the nation" - "I'm above the law" - "the Constitution is outdated and meaningless" - "remake America" method of "leadership" till his replacement is sworn into office in a few years. He doesn't look likely to change to try to work with the Republicans.

So, it's all up to the incoming House and Senate members starting early next year. Intent is what got them all to Washington DC. Now only results count. I hope we haven't all made a mistake.
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Re: Now - We'll see....

Postby richard16154 » Thu Nov 20, 2014 7:51 pm

i am amazed at the amount of support Hillary Clinton has. Don't the masses understand that we are living in the Clinton era right now. the nation was running along at a nice growth until bill Clinton introduced his nafta policy. this policy singlehandedly brought our growth to a stop. I am old enough to remember the bumbling policies of do nothing jimmy carter, mortgage rates were 21 percent, unemployment was at 14 percent, times were tough. then the greatest republican we ever had came into office, Ronald reagon, he turned the nation around and we were soon at 8 percent mortgage rates, and 6 percent unemployment. those were the days when numbers meant something. not like today when they say unemployment is 4 percent, they do not count for the population that do not qualify to be on the unemployment rolls, because they are unemployed to long. to relelect a person that was part of the downfall of the greatness of the united states of America is insane. so what do you think, I would love to have a yea or nea on this subject. also I might as go ahead and say it:
I think that Ronald Reagon was right on when he said the economy needed 20 percent wealthy, 60 percent middle class, and 20 percent poor.
this is the perfect class division for a healthy society and economy. the rich have never and never will pay tax's, the middle class is the tax class and always will be, the poor will never pay tax's. to make our country run like a well tuned engine I believe there should be absolutely no tax on American corporations. the reason is simple, all cost's of doing business is passed on to the consumer, by the time we pay the $1.00 in tax at the production end, we end up paying $12.00 as consumers. if we abolished American company corporate tax, the American companies would be able to compete on a world wide scale, which in turn creates new jobs for the tax class, in turn creates more tax revenue for the country. ok, shout out, am I crazy or am I right?
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Re: Now - We'll see....

Postby wknight40 » Sun Nov 23, 2014 8:51 am

The problem, as I see it, is this country has a government that only cares about filling their own pockets with cash and a president that does not care about that American people and our Veterans. He will let a combat vet sit in a Mexican jail for months, make it difficult for our vets to get proper health care, force American's to pay for health insurance they cannot afford, but attempt to give an illegal immigrant everything they need that should be going to the American people. It is almost worth the trouble to got to Mexico, denounce your America citizenship, become a Mexican citizen, and come back to the US illegally and get all kinds of benefits.

Illegal immigrants should have no rights to government funding. They break laws left and right even without intention.
1) Come to the illegally, no passport or Visa
2) Get job, no work permit because arrived illegally
3) Not paying taxes properly, they say they do but how do you pay state and federal tax without a legal Social Security number or IDN from immigration?
4) Drive a car, most states you have to prove you are a US Citizen or prove that you here legally
5) Get food stamps and other government funding, may not be illegal but should be. If you are not paying legal taxes how are you contributing back into these government entities.
6) A lot of them are buying guns. Again how do you legally purchase a gun without being here legally?

My wife's family came to this country legally. They had to cross the Pacific ocean. They could not "walk" across a dried up river bed. They learned to speak English before even arriving to this country.

English may not be the "official" language of this country by law but is the language that all US Law's are written in. If you can't "read or speak" English how in the hell do you drive on the streets of the US where all the road direct signs are in English?

I have no problems with people immigrating to the US. I only have two simple request:
1) Do it legally
2) Learn the language

I have visited 3 countries in my lifetime. All three countries I learned the basic conversational phrase's to communicate with the local people. Now in all three counties the general population spoke English as there was a high US Military presence in the area. But I found that I got friendly service from the people by at least greeting them in their language and attempting to speak with them.
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Re: Now - We'll see....

Postby 3kt's&asccy » Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:46 pm

My fear is that there will be some kind of catastrophe in the summer of 2016, and martial law will be declared suspending the 2016 elections,and in effect making a President for Life!!
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