What are your 3 favorite handguns u have?

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Re: What are your 3 favorite handguns u have?

Postby Lefty Red » Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:06 pm

fla-gypsy wrote:The three I have;

Sccy CPX2
Taurus Model 82
Rock Island Armory 1911

All good solid weapons! And mostly will perform as good or better than name brands! :)

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Re: What are your 3 favorite handguns u have?

Postby sccytoter » Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:50 pm

My my my, I would have to say these top three:

Ruger LCP...covers all my super secret carry modes, along with two spare magazines.

CPX-2 FDE...covers hot weather carry and everything in between, along with one spare magazine.

Kahr CT9...covers colder weather carry, along with one spare magazine.
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Re: What are your 3 favorite handguns u have?

Postby slong115 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:51 pm

For my top 3 it would be:

1. Ruger LCR .38 spl (my EDC). Very light weight and easy to pocket carry with a terrific double-action trigger.

2. Taurus model 85 stainless (you can probably tell that I am more of a revolver guy). My 85's double-action trigger out of the box is as smooth as any Smith & Wesson I have ever owned but it is not the ultra-lite version so it is quite a bit heavier than the Ruger LCR. Might have to get an ultra-lite version just to have a lighter carry weapon with an external hammer.

3. Taurus PT-111 G2. This replaces my SCCY as my 3rd favorite handgun (moving my SCCY down to #4) The Taurus has been 100% reliable and seems to fit my hand better than the CPX2. Having 2 extra rounds vs the SCCY in a similarly sized pistol is another plus.

I also have a Smith SW9VE that I keep as a bedside weapon. It, too, has been 100% reliable but just too large for concealed carry, in my opinion. Thought about getting rid of the Smith a few times but always come back to my rule of "Don't get rid of a 100% reliable weapon!" Every time I have done that in the past, I grew to regret my decision. Trigger on the SW9VE is not the best but as an old revolver guy, I can live with it. Besides, it holds 16+1 so if I miss with my first shot, I still have 16 more tries! LOL

I do need to get my auto-loaders to the range soon, especially since I found and (hopefully fixed) the slide release spring that had disconnected on the SCCY (probably my own fault after I took the walking frame pins out and replaced them with the new ones that SCCY sent to me). SCCY was 100% reliable until after I replaced the pins and I still really like that gun.
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Re: What are your 3 favorite handguns u have?

Postby TrapperBob » Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:13 am

1) Hands down, my WW 1 (1918) Luger P-08.

2) Ruger Mark III standard .22lr (tapered barrel, same ergonomics and general style as the Luger, cheaper ammo!)

3) Heritage Rough Rider, single action revolver.

I had an Erma LA22, which is a 1960s .22LR version of the Luger, it was fun but cheaply made (mostly cast aluminum) and not reliable, so I sold it a few months ago. I sold it for $100, the guy turned around and sold it on Gunbroker for $450. Fun gun when it worked but no way in h*ll I'd have paid $450 for it!
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Re: What are your 3 favorite handguns u have?

Postby SEP » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:53 am

I've had a lot of favorites over the years. Currently, and in order I'd have to say:

[*]Glock 26 because that is my authorized off duty carry.
[*]Glock 19
[*]Glock 17 because it was my first Glock and the one I became an instructor with. Fond memories and it just fits my hand like a glove.

This isn't to sound like I like ONLY Glock. Just what I carry on duty, off duty and what I teach to recruits and in-service so it is what I have the most experience/trust with due to sheer volume of rounds fired and hours carried.
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