Just picked up a CZ P-09

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Just picked up a CZ P-09

Postby ursamajor » Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:24 pm

Haven't gotten out to the range yet, but so far it seems like a real winner. No mag disconnect crap, adjustable back straps, LOW bore axis, DA/SA w/ de-cocker and no manual safety. THICK cold hammer forged barrel-this thing looks like it can eat a full time diet of +P

Decided that I wanted a Duty sized pistol in addition to my SCCY.

19+1 flush mount magazines-my finger will cramp up before my gun runs dry!

I have what I would consider large size hands. But seeing reviewers on YouTube saying they have large size hands, I guess I have 3xl hands(could palm a basketball off the dribble since HS.

With the large sized back strap on it, it feels real nice in the hand. The grip is not too long tho-when I grip the gun, you can see no part of the grip or mag baseplate when looking at the back of my hand.

It's nice to finally have a full sized gun that doesn't look like a pseudo sub compact in proportion to my banana hands!

I'll get it out to the range in the near future-and return and report!

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Re: Just picked up a CZ P-09

Postby Mark38090 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:27 am

Those CZ's are certainly nice pistols.
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Just picked up a CZ P-09

Postby ursamajor » Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:58 pm

The first poly 9 I've ever owned was a Gen 1 Glock 17.

In my life, either owned, or extensively shot Glocks, XD's, Sigs, Smiths, and H&Ks.

The only 9mm I've ever shot outside of a CZ that pointed to a level that it spoils the shooter, was my Uncle's Hi-Power.

I kid you not, I was cracking a 16" plate at 30 yards, just point shooting it, after getting acclimated to it-which took less than a magazine. It's a video game shooter.

The only downside-I have to "recalibrate" myself on the SCCY afterwards-especially since the SCCY is my daily carry.

When I go shoot only the SCCY, I can mag dump my first mag, and not short cycle the trigger even once.

After shooting the CZ, I short cycle the trigger through basically the first 2 mags I put through it. Although I suspect the same will hold true for the SCCY after shooting anything else that's not DAO, it's the point shooting (which is the only way I shoot the SCCY to begin with) that takes the biggest adjustment, and concentration. Whereas CZ's are hands down the most natural/instinctive pointing non custom poly guns on the planet, IMHO.

Also CZ's inclusion of a 1:1 scale computer readout of the specific gun's test target is something that the rest of the industry should do. Being able to see where the the point of aim is with the factory set sights, and the mean point of impact is, at a specified range, without have even needing to have fired the gun, is TREMENDOUSLY helpful for getting started, once you do make it down to the range.

The fact that it's 19+1 and I paid only $460 OTD for a NIB from my Go To dealer out here, is icing on the cake

Only tinkering I did was put in an 18lbs recoil (factory is 16lbs) spring, and replace the poly guide rod with a stainless one, and add a Streamlight to the 1913 pic rail.

Love this gun!

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