Lakeland Florida Gun Show

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Lakeland Florida Gun Show

Postby HootmonSccy » Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:08 pm

I went to the Lakeland Florida gun show today...
I saw several vendors selling Sccy's, all were above S/N 35000.. Prices ranged from $359 down to $270 (all New).. The $270 seemed like a great deal!!!

On a side note, my wife purchased a Beretta U22 Neos .22LR pistol... All Black (well the rail on top is really dark grey)..
She got it for $279, which seems like a pretty good price from what I've seen ($301 out the door).

One interesting thing is, I guess you can convert this into a Carbine, Although I'm unsure WHY you would do that??


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