Dissabling the CPX-1s Manual Safety---DIY

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Dissabling the CPX-1s Manual Safety---DIY

Postby GrumpyBiker » Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:48 pm

I've been told that SCCY Industry will send the Safety Delete kit for free.
I e-mailed them prior to buying this pistol but have yet to receive any reply.
So I decided to dissable it myself while I wait.
All my pistols ( save 2 which are SAA western pistols ) are either DA/SA or DAO.
In either case the first round is DA and there are no manual safeties on any of my carry guns.
I prefer this as there is one less function to perform during a pressure situation.

At any rate, on the back of the safety lever there are 2 ramped indentions for the detent pin to ride up and rest in place.
Preventing the lever to move out of or into a desired function....or at least thats there purpose. Some have stated that the lever gets moved while shooting unintentionally.


But removing the Ramp and creating a flat wall that the detent pin can not ride up is the first step.
After that I removed some material to make the recess deeper allowing the detent pin the extend farther.
There by locking the weapon in the fire mode and making the lever unable to be placed on safe.
I know...big deal right? But for me it is as I've had issues when carring a weapon with a manual safety and durring gun drills at the range I'd forget to remove the safety and stood there squeezing the trigger against the manual safety.
While this is my fault for not remembering to do this, its also easire to dissable the safety than to change years of habit for me.


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