SCCY Service-Top of the Line!

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SCCY Service-Top of the Line!

Postby racer9 » Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:21 pm

I first saw an SCCy Pistol at a gun show about 1 month ago. I liked the look and feel of it, so I did some research on it, mostly in this Forum. Two weeks ago I bought a CPX 1 used with a serial # in the 20 thousand series. On Wednesday, Oct.12th, I went to the range and shot it. I really liked the way it performed. Then I had a serious jam which I couldn't clear. I fired several of my other guns, then headed home. I called SCCY and spoke with Customer service( a very nice woman named Grace ) who said to send the gun in. Since I live in Florida, about two hours from Daytona I asked if I could bring it in. Grace said no problem, asked my name and when I would be arriving. Today, Oct. 13Th, my wife and I drove over to drop the pistol off at SCCY. Grace was most gracious(pardon the pun), took my cell phone number and said she would call when it was ready. We went shopping in the local mall. In about 2 hours, Grace called, my gun was done, really done, it had a cracked receiver!Grace said to come back to the office to pick up my new gun! Bare in mind, I purchased this weapon used with no idea of how many hands it had been through! I had read that SCCY warranted their product for the life of the weapon, not just to the original owner. I can honestly say, I did not expect them to honor that commitment! I will certainly tell anyone who will listen, these folks are for real! They stand by their product and are an exemplary example of customer support.
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