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Postby Kingy » Sat Nov 24, 2012 8:30 pm

I fired a few rounds from my CPX-2 today and have both good and bad news to report.

The bad news is that now I know what the big deal is about the trigger reset. The first time I fired my Sccy, it was the only pistol I had with me at the range I was shooting. This time, I had several guns I was shooting and made the "mistake" of firing another pistol first before the CPX. When I switched to the Sccy I failed to double tap as my muscle memory was still remembering the Browning DA I had fired before. It was annoying. I had to readjust before everything was cool again. Even then I still had the impression that my rate of fire and accuracy was not helped by the long reset. The fact that my finger was hurting compounded the problem...

...Which leads into the second problem. I wore gloves this time in an attempt to make the trigger "bite" a little more acceptable. Not only did my finger still ache with the glove but, this was exacerbated by having to move my digit the full range of the trigger reset. On top of that, the trigger gaurd's small size didn't make it easy to get a gloved finger in. It didn't take me long to decide that not only would this not be one of my range guns but, at this point I don't plan to do any more range shooting with it at all. This will just be CCW and if I ever need it I hope I only need one shot.

The final issue is actually kinda mixed. The accuracy was actually kinda good but, only with single shots if that makes any sense. As a whole, the shots landed all over the place without a good grouping. I was shooting at about fifteen to twenty feet give or take, and when you take into account the short bbl and mediocre trigger this is quite acceptable (for the price) if not ideal. Most SD situations occur at around ten feet so I'm not looking for a match grade pistol.

Now for the good news. I have still yet to experience my first firing malfunction. It worked well. No problem with hitting the mag release either.

Anyway, I still like the CPX but, SOMETHING does need to be done about the trigger. The trigger pull is not too heavy and it doesn't stack but, it transmits a lot of discomfort into the trigger finger with each shot...and not only can the reset be very annoying-at least if you're used to shooting other weapons but, it also affects accuracy with its long pull IMO. This is a pure CCW pistol but, I think it could have more of a range/plinker appeal if the trigger was refined...and be more effective for SD too. As of now however, there will be a lot of shooters-especially women-who will be turned off by the trigger as it is.
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