SCCY Customer Service And The Way They React

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SCCY Customer Service And The Way They React

Postby HenryinFlorida » Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:35 pm

My CPX-2 was one that needed the trigger updated, so at their suggestion I sent in to them for the upgrade. I recieved it back in less that a week (I live in South Florida). When dry firing I noticed a trigger click. I called back in to customer service and spoke to Brandon. He told me that it would work perfectly that way, but since it wasn't designed that way he wanted to fix it. He had the office send me a call tag and this time they paid shipping both ways.
I got it back today, again in a weeks time and now the trigger feels perfect. No click and very, very smooth. There was something additional in the package besides another sticker and trial tube of lube. They included a third magazine.

Here is a company that knows the meaning of customer service and great customer care.

Nobody is perfect, but the way a person or company responds when there is a mistake shows what they are made of. I will preach their product to anyone who will listen. They do make a great pistol, and their customer service is second to none.

Thanks Jason & Brandon & all the ladies in the front office.
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