Post-Range Session Cleaning and Inspection

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Post-Range Session Cleaning and Inspection

Postby idmcb » Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:00 pm


Now that I have had a chance to shoot my new CPX-2, I wanted to take a couple of shots of the innards while I was cleaning it and see if there are any unusual conditions or wear of which I would need to be aware. I am pleased to see that everything so far looks like normal break-in. The barrel shows signs of normal rub and wearing in all the expected places; the receiver shows a little coating rub, and the recoil guide rod is perfect. The ejector seems to be normal, with no chips or nicks as have been reported by others. The slide rails are just like new. The first range session was with standard pressure PMC 115g FMJ target loads as reported in another thread. The feed ramp appears brand new. I included a couple of shots of a cartridge case seated in the chamber to illustrate how much of the case is supported during firing, if that interests any of you. I know some other forums make a really large federal case of how much case shoulder is supported during combustion. If the wear does not progress beyond what I see here, then I got a good one.


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