CPX-2 in the "Movies"

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CPX-2 in the "Movies"

Postby OldNorthState » Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:08 pm

In the Movies: SCCY CPX-2 - well, in a TV series, to be more accurate... many of which are better than many movies, to me at least. Earlier this evening I was watching Netflix reruns of "The Following" (starring Kevin Bacon; Season 3, episode 12), and a "bad guy" is holding a silver & black (natural stainless slide/black frame) CPX-2 (no discernable safety) on another fellow, with several different camera angles shown. This happens at about the 16 minute mark. After rewinding and re-watching the scene several times, I then promptly fell asleep, re-awakening only to see another bad guy holding an all-black CPX-2 to one of Bacon's associate's head, at about 41 min. mark, only moments before the episode ends. There could even be more scenes w/them, but as stated, I was asleep through most of the last half (roughly) of the show, until near the end. These are reruns from maybe a couple of years past, of course, but I was tickled to catch this, as I've not seen the SCCY products in film, prior. (If anyone else has already posted on this in the past, I apologize. A quick search, without my really having the time to go very far back, didn't yield any former posting that I could easily find.)
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