Broken Ejector and Hand Cycling/Live Round Removal

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Broken Ejector and Hand Cycling/Live Round Removal

Postby venkman » Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:44 pm

I accidentally posted this in the accessories subforum--sorry about that! Here's my post and the quoted replies.

Hey everyone! Please go easy on the new guy!

Quick question—if a CPX2 has a broken ejector (the part that extends and “bumps” the cartridge’s side has snapped off), how tightly should a live cartridge fit? I ask because I discovered the ejector was broken after giving my gun a good cleaning and racking it. When I tried to hand cycle the live round out, it wouldn’t come out at all.

I locked back the slide, and I was able to get the round out by using putting my cleaning rod through the grip (no brush on it/no magazine in, obviously) to coerce it a bit. But it seems like the extractor’s “hook” holds onto the cartridges pretty tightly. I have recently given the gun a thorough cleaning and oiling.

Thanks in advance!

economod wrote:Curious ... how many rounds fired in your cpx?
Extractors were redesigned a while ago.
Has it ever been replaced?
Curious ... what's your serial number prefix? (ex, 123xxx)
Sounds like something that sccy will warranty repair, and pay the shipping cost.
Call them, and ask them for a prepaid shipping label.

Welcome to the forum venkman ... "We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!"


venkman wrote:Thanks for the response! I bought it secondhand, so I’m not sure how much mileage it has on it. The prefix is 247xxx. SCCY is sending out a replacement ejector to an FFL near me; I’m in the process of moving out of state, and my ship from and ship to addresses would have been different, so that wouldn’t work. SCCY was understanding and has definitely impressed me so far with their customer service.
Glad you got the moniker reference!

FloridaPilot wrote:Is it the ejector or the extractor? The ejector is the solid pin that sits at the rear of the breech just below and to the left of the firing pin port (from the shooters perspective). The extractor is a spring fed hook that removes the chamber from the case and pulls it rearward. When the case contacts the leading edge of the ejector, it gains rightward momentum, dislodges from the extractor, and is ejected from the gun. The Ejector is seated in the receiver frame, just beside the hammer. The Extractor is affixed to the slide.

The Ejector is an easy change with the appropriate sized punches. The extractor, you should send the gun in to SCCY. Unless you have plenty of gun smithing experience, it can be a tedious process.

venkman wrote:It's definitely the ejector--the extractor is in place and has a very solid grip on the cartridge. It's tight enough that removing the live round was difficult; I'm hoping that's because there was no ejector to push the cartridge.

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