Galloway Precision Upgrades

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Galloway Precision Upgrades

Postby trayzor » Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:07 pm

First post here so bare with me.
Bought the wife the CPX-2. She loves it. Decided to change out a couple things using Galloway's Guide Rod/Recoil Spring, in addition to the Reduced Power Hammer Spring and Firing Pin Spring.

First issue: was able to remove the extractor/spring and pin easily. The firing pin slid out about 1/2 inch but refuses to come out any further. Anyone experience this. It seems to be hung up on the spring.

Second issue: I tried tapping out the 2 frame pins to access the hammer spring to replace it. I cannot get the pins to release. From what I have read. The pins must be tapped out from the left side (due to taper) and then tapped back in from the ride side of the frame. In looking at the frame it appears the front pin is opposite this while the rear pin is correct. Anyone have an issue with this?

I have not contacted SCCY yet nor a gunsmith. I have taken apart enough firearms before but this seems overly difficult for such a simple gun.
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Re: Galloway Precision Upgrades

Postby getvicious » Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:11 pm

Howdy and welcome from NC. Glad you found us.

When you put the extractor back be careful not to have the pin stick down below the slide. That can gouge the right rail if it's too low.

Never heard an issue like your stuck firing pin. I've never removed my firing pin. I have heard the Galloway firing pin spring may be too large in diameter to fit the firing pin channel. Call Galloway if you experience that.

The frame pins are quite tight on mine but I've never had a problem knocking them out. I think I have knocked them out from the right toward the left but honestly don't remember. In any case they came out and went back in with no problem using a small hammer and punch. If they continue to give you problems I recommend you call SCCY.
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Re: Galloway Precision Upgrades

Postby Merc6 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:13 am

Welcome, I avoided the spring set because a few people claimed excessive light strikes on my favorite and only commonly found locally WWB target ammo.

If you have oversized pins, they are fun to remove especially if they have any adhesive to keep them in place. Reason mine was sent back a few weeks ago as I broke the punch and damaged the frame trying.
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