Bulging cases, +-tolerances on purpose? Easy fixes.

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Bulging cases, +-tolerances on purpose? Easy fixes.

Postby Zeke » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:00 am

Hello All,
I'm a young Marine and this is my 1st ever so called "EDC sub compact" and my first Hand Gun ever personally bought & owned by me. My Father told me not to buy a Gun without him; but I heard so many good reviews, and this was affordable, so I got it. When I took it to Dad's to shoot, it had many FTF with Magtech ammo. Dad said, It's junk, what did you expect? I told you to find a High Standard Sharpshooter in .22LR because they are able to print at least 6" groups at 100 yards with factory sights and Remington Golden Bullets. Add good match ammo or HVHP's like Yellowjackets, Velocitors, Stingers, and you have an affordable to shoot, pin point accurate at 25 yards & under defensive, target, hunter pistol all in one. Doesn't matter how big your bullet is if you can't hit your target and vitals are what counts." Dads a bit Old School and would be willing to stake his life on a High Standard or Beretta .22LR. It is true that the Old Man can shoot a Gnat's nuts off at 100 yards with a PCP .22 caliber Air Rifle; but he is not one to carry a gun of any type. Never leaves the House, has land he stays on, is afraid I'd get in trouble even in a self defense scenario. Another topic I guess but should I have listened? Well, after Dad told me how to fix it, I can now get consistent 2" groups at 20 yards with the same 115FMJ $15.00 for 50 (Yeah bought it at a Brick & Mortar Store) Magtech ammo that was all over the place, jammed with continuous FTF's.
So, this is what The Old Timer Home Gunsmith said by just looking at it. I did the work with his guidance and it is now incredible even by his Standards and he said, "I take it all back. It just needed some simple love and it is a FINE pistol for that price and The Companies Warranty can NOT be beaten by ANYONE I have ever seen. Mr. Joe Roebuck is actually a great innovator and I'd like to shake his hand for his Warranty policy alone. I hope they start making .22LR Match pistols and rifles in everything from .22LR to .308/.30-06. Let me help you with all the problems he saw that can be easily fixed at home, or SCCY will GLADLY replace anything free of charge minus the shipping and FFL cost if entire pistol & receiver need to be sent in.
OK, Here we go. Problems and subsequent fixes. NOTHING voids warranty. You break something, they replace it no questions asked. All they want is broken part so they can inspect and improve. AWESOME CO., Hands down best warranty, so don't fear trying these fixes. A dremel tool and Lathe, milling machine can be used if you have the equipment and experience but sand paper (400 grit and finer to steel wool) JB embedded Bore paste, correct size punch, clamps or padded vice, jeweler's files, small hammer to tap out pins, needle nose pliers. This is how I got mine to shoot 2" groups at 20 yards, standing two hand grip, taking my good old time and trying for best accuracy. If all you care about is dependability to fire and fixing the FTF jams, read on. Your personal choice. Remember, SCCY will replace or fix at no cost even if you monkeyed with it and broke it yourself.
1. FTF jams: Main 3 problems in order. All magazines retaining lips are too sharp on edge that shell casing rides. The edges that keep them in the magazine need to be rounded and smoothed. You can use 400 grit sand paper, a jewelers file, a dremel tool (be sure you know what you're doing if you use a dremel because it just needs that sharp edge rounded and smoothed, not ground away. Dad suggested a certain slightly aggressive small sanding drum. https://www.dremel.com/en_US/products/- ... nding-drum
and then either of these bits to polish work VERY well.
https://www.dremel.com/en_US/products/- ... rit-2-pack
https://www.dremel.com/en_US/products/- ... sive-brush
when you are finished ROUNDING the inner lips sharp edge, and polishing it, lube with either Slick 50 one, Graphite powder, Molybdenum, any lubricant that will actually be burnished into the metal is best. Slick 50 One is easy enough to find at say any Hardware store and 1 can will last a lifetime. If it ever looses pressure do NOT throw it out. Make sure it is out of pressure then just drill or punch a small hole in top of can and either transfer to an airtight container or use a q-tip and apply sparingly. Seriously GREAT stuff and a little goes a long way. Dad is unbelievable with rifles and swears by lubing even his projectiles with this ever so slightly increases his accuracy.
A: Final test, take ammo on hand and load a mag. Ammo that hasn't been loaded before. Push one out by thumb. It should glide out easily and leave hardly any or no scratches on brass case at all. If you can't see any scratches on case and it feels much easier than before modification, you did it right. Load up both magazines after sanding, polishing, full cleaning & lubricating. Lock & Load, fire in safe direction.

Is it fixed? If not, proceed.
2. Loading ramp: Needs to be polished and lubricated. Again, a dremel works best and fastest but 400 grit on up can be used, then polished with Scotch bright, steel wool, 1000 grit wet dry paper and preferably lubricated with molybdenum: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molybdenum burnished in with a dremel polishing wheel, drum, cone, etc. Try not to get it on hands as too much is bad but it's also an element we need in our bodies.
Try again. It should work perfectly if these 2 things are done to it. Mine did even before the ramp was polished and lubed. I could not get it to load slowly or quietly as the extractor is under too much pressure and the pistol has to be racked and released quickly at full draw, (don't ride the slide) or racked, and retained back by slide lock and then dropped with thumb. If THAT doesn't load it then there's other issues. Please, continue reading

At this point if your CPX is firing and not jamming, great. Are you happy with it? I wasn't. I wanted a lighter pull trigger & more accuracy. You can do what I was instructed to do or not. At this point I'm writing about customization, not fixing existing OEM parts. Before anything, Novice shooters should understand this. No gun will shoot to the same POI with the same ammo all the time unless you are a skilled BR shooter. My point is every ammo is different, as is every barrel is different. Pick an ammo that suits your desires and STICK with that ammo if you are staking your life on this pistol and setting it up for most accurate defensive EDC you can get out of it.
Choose an ammo you want for whatever various reasons. You CAN say buy FMJ 1000 round cases for targets and also have Hornady, Speer +P Gold Dot Short barrel JHP's, Liberty Defense 50 grain 2000fps non lead HP's (at least 1800fps out of the 3.1" barrel) around $23-35.00 for 20 depending on where you buy and shipping but these ARE going to fall under the ammo ban as they slice through level III Spartan body armor AND 12" of ballistic gelatin like none of it is even there. SO, stock up now if you're worried about armored intruders. Hey, I personally don't want to fire them out of my pistol but they are effective, lightweight for EDC, expensive, accurate.

http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=lib ... &FORM=VIRE

These are amazing and if you are hit by professionals who want your collection or whatever, yes they will be armed and armored. Your choice. As a Marine I must say this Country has some stupid laws. You can buy AP rifle rounds all day but not HG. I understand an Officers concern (I actually want to be a State Trooper one day) but hey, they do have ceramic plates and Kevlar. This Spartan looks cheap but whatever. Back on Topic.

3. Sight it in correctly with main ammo. OK, I'm an accuracy nut like Dad but let's get real. This is NOT a .22LR match pistol. If someone is not within striking distance of me, they aren't a threat. Unless they have a Gun or knife. Now and only now are when my life is in eminent danger. Accuracy matters and many will say it's just a point and shoot pistol. Yes and no. it's designed for close range defense; but it CAN do 2" groups at 20 yards or better with the right ammo and bench rested. Again, standing and pulling my now 6lb reduced pull DAO trigger and watching the internal hammer come all the way back, knowing where it will break and drop, re aligning the sights, 2" groups at 20 yards with Magtech 115g FMJ's. Pretty good. How'd I do it? Listened to my Father, for once.
JB embedded bore paste. Every barrel has imperfections and unless they are hand lapped and air gauged they are NOT going to be anywhere near as accurate as possible. I also re crowned this barrel very gently with a dremel tool and simply buffed the sharp edge off. The bore was swabbed with a tight patch dressed in JB Embedded Bore cleaning compound. Super fine valve compound can be used, or any product made for firearms bore cleaning. All you're essentially doing is smoothing out microscopic tool marks, and smoothing the lands rough cut edges. 20-40 passes careful not to nick crown of muzzle will improve groups significantly. You're breaking it in faster, that's all. Clean it out with Goo Gone until patches are white and then a super light thin coat of gun oil or Slick 50 One. Then say 2 passes with a plain clean patch. Your first few shots will be off as the barrel will need to burn off excessive oil and so called "lead up" a little bit. This hand gun only recommends jacketed projectiles, not bare lead HP's or round nose, wad cutters. Nothing but JACKETED FMJ or JHP's are to be used. The brass, copper, nickel, tin, other will gall to barrel and mate. A few rounds, say 10 and then you start your serious sight in.
10 yards, rested on bags. Concentrate on that front sight. I painted my front sights indented dot with fluorescent orange and after drying coated that with a thin layer of clear nail polish. Thin super glue is oK also as the front sight never moves and we don't want are small dot of orange to fly off, which it will if not coated. Adjust rear sight accordingly and then lock it down and again, use a dab of clear nail polish on the sides to make sure it doesn't walk out either way. Nail polish or slight dab of super glue can also be used if frame to receiver pins are seen to be walking out either way. They can be punched out if ever need be and remember, SCCY's warranty is no questions asked hands down unbeatable. Even if it's stolen or lost, once reported to Police it will be replaced by SCCY. Do NOT get any dumb ideas and think you can get a free gun. It is a Federal offense. You WILL do at least 5-10 years in a State or federal prison and loose every gun and right you have. SCCY is AWESOME and Firearm responsibility is the owners; but if you're mugged or it's stolen out of Home or car, falls out of holster while jogging, whatever. A police report within 24 hours of it missing and SCCY has your 6!
OK, your pistol SHOULD be able to do at least 1" groups at 10 yards if these mods are done, you have good ammo, you can actually shoot and use the provided sights well.

4. The long hard trigger pull: It's listed as 9LBS but I've read reports of 8.4lBS. I opted for a 6lB spring from ACE hardware and with some tweaking it is much better and fires dependably. They do sell after market reduced pull trigger/hammer springs that are about $15.00 for I think a 7.5LB and an increased slide power from 16 to 20LBS, Also the plunger is SS encaptured by the double spring. I paid $2.50 for my spring and did it with Dads guidance and the only ammo I've heard that has a really hard primer that even the 9LB pull spring won't always set off on first strike is CCI primed ammo. Do NOT lower your trigger pull if this is your preferred cheap ammo. Switch ammo or increase your spring power. It'll suck but a DAO triggers only safeties are YOU, not carrying one in the chamber, trigger guard, and it's long hard pull in case it'd get hung up on something.

With these modifications I'm very happy. I've called SCCY and after all this work, I may have 1 or 2 problems they will fix right up. Number 1 and most concerning is over sized chamber and bulging cases. No FTE but these cases are BAD. There's at least a 0.010 gap around case when fully seated and pushed to one side. It centers itself when slide is engaged but I'm calling Monday to see if tolerances are supposed to be this way for more dependable loading and this is why they say reloads are NOT recommended or if I got a bum barrel. I have no idea how a CNC machine could be this far off, how it'd get by QC, and how a test fired shell (never received) did not show the problem. So, this barrel may need to be replaced. The entire gun may need to be replaced from unseen damage if pressures are messed up from this chamber. To be safe I'd like to send it in. I'm also thinking I'll have them put a factory trigger/hammer spring back in and just Stretch it a bit to reduce the pull.
I talked to a Woman who was very nice but said to ask for a Jason on Monday. I'm going to talk with him and probably have my Dealer send the entire thing in for a check up and new parts as needed. Really, all that needed to be done were the Magazines and the barrel break in. I do wish the CPX-3's Quad lock up was on this 9mm and not just the new .380ACP. This is an option they MAY offer to existing customers and all new old stock CPX-1 & CPX-2 9mm's as it is guaranteed to increase accuracy. I'd like to tell them that more options and customizations should be offered. Better sights, fiber optic with positive click micro adjustments for elevation and windage. I'd pay the extra $80-$100 for those. A fully adjustable trigger, first & second stage, length of pull, over travel stop. I'd pay extra for that.
All in all for well under $300.00 it is a GREAT gun. I found a Dealer who must be having trouble paying store rent and they are going for $200.00 for everything out the door. Made Dad wonder if it was a returned item and this is another reason it's going to SCCY.
Mr. Joseph Roebuck. My Father commends you on your innovative business and wishes you the very best. Thank you and I promise a follow up report on your great service after I talk with Jason, send it in and do more testing on returned item. I'm telling everyone I know that SCCY is a GREAT Company and I have over 16,000 friends on FB and also every Marine I know will know this is an affordable decent little EDC that with some love can be GREAT!
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Re: Bulging cases, +-tolerances on purpose? Easy fixes.

Postby getvicious » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:30 pm

Zeke - Howdy and welcome from NC. Glad you found us. Stay safe out there Marine - many places you're liable to be will not be friendly.

A couple things:
Don't expect anyone at SCCY to see this forum. It's not affiliated with SCCY in any way other than the subject is their pistols.
The replacement for a stolen pistol was stopped last year. No more free warranty replacement if stolen.
If your pistol needs to go back to SCCY ask them for a prepaid shipping label.
The bulging cases you mention sounds like you have a bad barrel. The cases should not bulge.
Last of all, nice write-up.
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Re: Bulging cases, +-tolerances on purpose? Easy fixes.

Postby juror » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:38 pm

Hi Zeke, thank you for your service.

There's a lot in your post, so I'll just address one or two. First, my recoil spring was problematic. It did not allow easy removal of the slide upon take-down, and may have contributed to a fail-to-battery problem. SCCY quickly sent a free replacement.

Second, both my mags severely cut grooves in cartridge shells, felt rough when hand unloading, and I had a fail-to-battery problem. I have jewelers tools, so it was easy to smooth and polish the inner lips of the mag. Manually removing shells became much smoother. I also slightly spread the forward feed lips of one magazine, but it's hard to tell if this helped; the magazines are made of tough, springy steel and may not have moved much if at all.

Third, both my mags had the springs reversed, causing, I think, fail-to-battery and, I'm sure, failure of the slide to hold open on the last shot.

My gun is now good: no FTFeed, FTBattery, FTFire or FTEject, and always hold open on empty mag.

If you want 12 rounds in a pocketable 9mm, SCCY simply can't be beat.
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Re: Bulging cases, +-tolerances on purpose? Easy fixes.

Postby ursamajor » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:00 pm

You're getting 12 round capacity?

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Re: Bulging cases, +-tolerances on purpose? Easy fixes.

Postby juror » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:08 pm

I think lots of folks here can put 11 rounds in their magazines, although some can't. Both of my mags take 11 and work fine.
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