CPX-2 Slide Jam

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CPX-2 Slide Jam

Postby bullrich » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:05 pm

I recently experienced a slide jam on my newly purchased CPX-2. My goal here is to educate, as well as share photos of the affected parts of the weapon, and how I resolved it.

Symptom: After initial purchase, about every 10 rounds or so, the weapon would stovepipe a round. I'm using Remington Targets, so I'm certain it's not the round, as I've experienced that in the past with other weapons. After about 60 rounds through through the gun, I took it home, cleaned and oiled it, and then attempted to reassemble it. No joy. The slide would not go back far enough to engage the slide lock so I could re-insert the slide pin. After a bit of wrangling, I got it aligned and re-assembled. I attributed the stiffness to the newness of the weapon.

Issue 1: Back at the range, I got about 3 rounds through it when the slide jammed back and would not release. This initially looked like another stovepipe, but it was not. The next round never even left the magazine, and the slide was open, jammed back, but not far enough the engage the slide lock. I ejected the magazine and ensured the weapon was safe, then placed it back in the case and took it home.

After another bout of wrangling with the barrel and slide, I was able to disassemble the weapon and inspect. Pretty much everything seemed fine, so I attempted to reassemble, encountered the "binding issue" again, and finally was able to rack the slide back to a locked position as the weapon began to loosen up. However, every 8-10 times, the slide still would bind up and jam. After pulling back and quickly releasing the slide, it would re-engage into a firing position.

Issue 2: 3rd time at the range, three rounds and the slide seemed to work perfectly. I reloaded the magazines and got another three rounds and the initial problem resurfaced. After safeing the weapon, I replicated my previous efforts and was able get the slide back into position again.

CAUSE: After a quick call to SCCY, they listened to the symptoms and my efforts to-date, then walked me through some diagnostics of the weapon. Turns out it's the recoil assembly spring. Upon further inspection, it was bulging in the center, which was causing the slide mechanism to bind and not operate correctly. How this happened to a weapon that has less than 100 rounds through it, I'm not sure.

RESOLUTION: SCCY is sending me an entirely new "measured" slide mechanism, 2 new magazines, and an extra recoil rod and spring assembly. After testing, I'm to send back the affected original parts, postage paid, and keep the extra recoil rod/spring. Should this not fix the issue, they will take the weapon back and warranty it completely.

While I'm disappointed that the weapon did not perform well with so few rounds through it, the customer service from SCCY was spot on.

Here's a couple of photos of the bulge in the recoil rod spring, in case anyone else may be experiencing the same issue (It's a bit difficult to see if you don;t know what to look for, but the thing is, the spring is not uniform in nature, and you can detect a bulge near the center).

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Re: CPX-2 Slide Jam

Postby getvicious » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:30 pm

bullrich - First, howdy and welcome from NC.

I think you're the fist person to report a "...recoil assembly spring. ...bulging in the center..."

You're a trendsetter. 8)

Seriously, let us know how it works after you get the new parts and thanks for the good info about your issue.
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Re: CPX-2 Slide Jam

Postby bullrich » Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:05 pm

Thanks! I'm Just happy to help. The rep from SCCY knew exactly what I was talking about, so I'm guessing this is a reasonably well-known issue. After some general diagnostic questions he pretty much zeroed in on the recoil spring.

After searching around, I found plenty of posts about Gen2 slide issues, but nothing that mimicked what I saw, although after I spoke to the service rep I became convinced that others have likely experienced the same issues I did.

So...I got verbose. I tend to do that. :-)
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Re: CPX-2 Slide Jam

Postby Silverbullet » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:37 pm

Welcome from Tulsa, OK
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Re: CPX-2 Slide Jam

Postby Mark38090 » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:23 am

Customer service at Sccy is top notch. I talked with Jason when I had am issue with mine and he walked me through the solution.
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