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Re: Good gun, great service

Postby juror » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:27 pm

robho40 wrote:I bought the CPX-2 from CTD a couple of months ago.
I shot it 1 time at my local outdoor rage. it shot fine until after 60 rds it became unusable.
I checked and found the magazine catch spring had fallen out and could not be found. The gun would no longer hold the magazine!
I have been in touch with SCCY Co. service department many times for almost 2 months and cannot get this issue resolved.
There is no nearby Fedex or UPS store in my city that will handle firearms so I do not want to go that route by sending it in for warranty!
I simply asked SCCY Service to send me a new spring and I would install it myself.
They refused as they have a policy (STUPID) of sending such a spring only to a FFL dealer. The BATF doesn'y care about springs. This is probably a $0.10 item!
Anyhow I asked SCCY to send it to my local dealer right before I went on Holiday 2 week vacation. They said they would. They lied. I just contacted the dealer and they have not received it.
This SCCY Service is horrible!!
Do not buy any pistol from them as I found out this pistol spring problem has been going on for years and has not been resolved.
I will be buying a new Ruger EC-9 compact pistol to replace it, which will be of much better quality and does the retaining a loaded magazine!

Sounds to me like you're all weed-up because SCCY won't do things YOUR way. Poor baby.
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