Gonna give this CPX2 a second chance

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Gonna give this CPX2 a second chance

Postby benbai66 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:16 pm

so, i posted a month or so ago about how the CPX9 i had bought for my wife broke on the first trip to the range , and the frame pins were walking out . SCCY sent a replacement recoil spring assembly and some oversized pins ( and there is a noticeable difference side by side) i had been up working in alaska and when i got home last week i repaired it . anyway , finally got a chance to hit the range today and try it out . it was flawless and accurate just like it was for the first 200 plus rounds before it broke . put 150 rounds down range with no problems at all . i had said i was gonna sell it off after i fixed it but after being offered less than 150 bucks at two different shops i just decided to keep it as a house gun . its a shame that i cant feel anymore confident in the thing because DAMN it shoots nice . anyway , thats how that ended up . as an aside , i purchased two PT111 g2 last week also and i will say they were EXTREMELY impressive . Cabelas had them for 199.00 and i bought a pair . put 200 rounds thru each today without any drama . used Winchester white box for both tauruses and the SCCY . the tauruses wer accurate and less snappy than the SCCY. very nice shooters ! and the size is perfect and they are 12 +1 . i may carry one of these for sure . they seem every bit as well made as my shield . not a fan of the safety but its unobtrusive and has a very positive detent for safe and fire positions
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Re: Gonna give this CPX2 a second chance

Postby HootmonSccy » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:25 pm

Congrats on all of what you posted!!
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