SCCY no longer providing conversion from CPX-1 to CPX-2

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SCCY no longer providing conversion from CPX-1 to CPX-2

Postby Novice49 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:18 am

Based on many posts in this forum, I thought that SCCY would convert my CPX-1 to a CPX-2. Last week, a SCCY representative returned my phone call and told me that SCCY is no longer doing conversions, but it soon would be selling through its website's store the part(s) needed to do a conversion. Based upon another post I had seen, I also asked her if the company would install a part, or send me a part, that would disable the safety since mine had inadvertently engaged several times while shooting at a range. She responded that the company no longer disables safeties because an owner might pawn an altered pistol and a subsequent owner might not recognize that the safety had been disabled.
When I told the SCCY support rep that the lip surrounding the safety lever was hurting the base of my thumb from recoils, she said that I could file it off without affecting the warranty. I ended up doing just that, and snipping off about half of the safety lever on the left side so I won't be inadvertently engaging the safety.
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Re: SCCY no longer providing conversion from CPX-1 to CPX-2

Postby bigdee » Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:24 pm

I simply pinned mine so it cannot be engaged.....don't really care about the warranty.
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