EDC Kershaw Tremor

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EDC Kershaw Tremor

Postby economod » Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:22 am

I've been carrying (and abusing) my Kershaw Tremor 1950 every day since Dec'12. I originally purchased it ($19.45) for jobsite protection from vicious dogs. But it has been a useful cutting tool for many tasks, from de-caulking steel to roughing drywall to halving a hoagie to just about any ad-hoc task a big sturdy folder can do.

I reversed the excellent clip, and it deploys single-handed in seconds from inside my right front pocket. The thick liner locks firm & secure EVERY time. The stone-washed hollow-ground straight-edge 3.75" blade is relatively easy to sharpen on any raw ceramic. The T-8 pivot screw maintains accurate pressure on the bronze washers. The textured G10 contour grips assure that slippage is never an issue.

I've used the lifetime warranty one time, and received a free replacement torsion spring and grip screws thru the mail in just a few days. And if the need ever arises, I can pay shipping to Kershaw in Tualatin-OR, and they will repair-sharpen-return, free for the original owner.

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