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Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:17 pm
by HootmonSccy
This topic is for Holster REVIEWS/Recommendations for SCCY Pistols ONLY...

The intent is to give people one place to look for holsters.

Links to existing threads is fine, so long as there is a review for a brand of holster

Please provide a picture of your rig, or at least a link to a website showing your holster

If you want to have a discussion about a holster POST IT ELSEWHERE...

Any posts other than Reviews/Recommendations will be deleted

You have been warned

Here is a link to an older thread that has more info on Holsters (and commentary)..

Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:18 pm
by HootmonSccy

Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:28 pm
by HootmonSccy
I have used a Cleveland's Holster for several years and it has held up well in the Florida Heat (lots of sweat!)..
I think it's one of the best because of it's adjustability..

Very Nice Holster..
They have gone up in price, but it is a great holster

Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:29 pm
by DeeJayh
Yes, that's right... POCKET holster...


When I first heard of them I thought "You gotta be kidding me, that's a negligent discharge waiting to happen..."

Then I found this little guy: ... UTF8&psc=1

For about $15 I thought no biggie, it's barely a dent in the wallet, will make concealing a breeze, and is easily returned
if you somehow decide you really don't like it. (I doubt you won't like it)

Turns out to be the best investment I ever made in a holster. It's super light, comfortable on the leg, helps "square off"
the gun to make it look less gun like, and the rubber-ish textured skin makes it so the holster rises to the top of your
pocket when you draw and snags after the pistol is clear to draw, meaning no snagging your pistol inside your pocket!
I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but it would be pretty hard to snag, and is incredibly convenient to draw...


Just thought I'd share!

Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:30 pm
by ScadaSkid
My leather holster from The Holster Store in St Cloud Florida.

Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:15 pm
by p225
Desantis softuck for Keltec P11 fits perfectly. Reinforced mouth allows for easy reholstering.
J clip allows use of a wider belt. Adjustable cant. Priced good.

Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:44 pm
by TechDiver

I bought both of these DeSantis' when I got the laser because it was the only place I saw holsters specifically for the laser equipped CPX-2. I'm glad I did because I LOVE these things !! Very comfie and of high quality leather. Kind of expensive, $53 each, but who's worth it more than me ? I use the IWB model 95% of the time.




Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:37 am
by otrvan
I've been using my Pro Carry HD IWB from The Holster Store ($34.95) for almost 3 weeks now. So far, I'm very impressed. It features super high quality leather construction, great retention, fits the CPX perfectly, and carries comfortably, adding little bulk.

Simple, but effective. I'll definitely return to them for other guns.




Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:19 pm
by DoulosXristou
Link: Alien Gear Holsters - SCCY CPX-1 IWB Holster

(Some of this is from my response on a previous thread)
First impressions:
The leather and Kydex both appear to be of excellent quality, as does the hardware. All the hardware. They send plenty of extra hardware, screws, spacers, etc for customizing your fit. In the brief time I've had it on, the leather feels comfortable enough against my skin that I don't think I'll need to wear a shirt under the holster. YMMV. Retention is good and adjustable using the included hardware. The included product card mentions the default cant at 20* (FBI) and that can also be changed.
Per the included card, the best position is about 4:30 which I find I am able to wear and conceal easily (I'm 140# 5'11").
First impression. I like it. Especially at $36.83 shipped.

2 week update
I've been wearing this holster for nearly two weeks now when not at work. (I work in the veterinary field, and my scrubs print like hell ;) Not to mention the No Firearms policy for employees... :roll: ). The leather is molding to both my body and the gun well. No cracks have appeared in the Kydex, no signs of brittleness or improper forming. I've adjusted the cant one notch forward and the carry height down as low as I can at that cant. It's easy to draw from when you need it, yet holds the gun in place securely until you do.

This is my first and only holster (so far) so I can't give any accurate comparisons to other hybrids out there. I will mention that I snagged some holster clips for a Galco Kingtuk(C-hook style) and a DeSantis Intruder (J-hook). And while I'm still using the AlienGear clips right now, the other clips fit just fine with the AlienGear screws. I simply like options, and the Kingtuk and Intruder clips have multiple adjustment holes whereas the AlienGear only has one hole on the clip.

I'm still liking this holster.
Image Picture is from the AlienGear website. I chose not to go with the $5 black leather upgrade. Mine is tan. I may dye the leather myself later if the mood strikes.

Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:30 pm
by Stratojaxter
Here are the holsters I have so far for the SCCY. I've graded them on Accessibility, Concealability, Safety/Retention, Comfort, and Cost

Ace Case, Tuckable
Accessibility: (B) - My SCCY's grip, sits right at the waistband so it's just a matter of lifting the shirt and drawing. Sights have occasionally gotten caught though, but a second pull will generally take care of it.
Concealability:(A) - The leather is thin enough that I can wear this with just about anything.
Safety/Retention: (B-) - Trigger is covered well but the leather is thin. It doesn't offer great retention, but with your belt holding it as well, it shouldn't be a problem. taking off, or pulling down your pants can be an issue if your not careful.
Comfort: (C) - It doesn't pad your body at all, so you feel the gun on your side. The cant is easily adjusted though since it has only one belt clip.
Cost: (A+) As low as $11 if you buy 3 holsters (mix and match)
Overall: (B+) Good basic holster, does what I need it to do. I probably wear this one the most.

Ace Case, Gripper, Pocket holster
Accessibility: (D) - It's in a pocket. It's like digging for change trying to draw it.
Concealability:(C) - Is that a gun in your pocket or...? I ain't that happy to see ya. It's good for cargo shorts, or maybe if you wear really baggy jeans, but that's about it.
Safety/Retention: (A-) It covers the trigger and is thick enough to keep it safe, and retention is decent. It's not really going anywhere in a pocket.
Comfort: (A) - Incredibly comfortable
Cost: (A+) As low as $11 if you buy 3 holsters (mix and match)
Overall: (C) Good choice for simple summertime carry only. Drop it the cargo shorts pocket, and off you go. It's not real easy to get to, but better than leaving it home.

Ace Case, Fit-All Belt/ITP Holster
Accessibility: (A) - Whether you wear it IWB or OWB it's easy to get to it.
Concealability:(B) - I wear it between the belt and my pants. Easily concealed with long enough t-shirt or button down. I tend to wear a lot of Hawaiian or camp shirts. Almost as good as just sliding the gun into your belt, but safer. It's not tuckable though.
Safety/Retention: (B-) Fit's nice and snug, and covers the trigger with fairly thick leather. However, with so much of the barrel exposed though, I could see it pushing up if you sat just right.
Comfort: (B-) - OWB is fairly comfortable, IWB- not so much, as there's next to nothing between you and the gun.
Cost: (A+) As low as $11 if you buy 3 holsters (mix and match)
Overall: (B) Simple holster for everyday CC, as long as you don't need to tuck.

FoxX Hybrid
Accessibility: (A+) - Adjustable cant and ride make this very accessible.
Concealability: (B) - I find that I can conceal fairly well tucked or untucked. The only thing showing it the clips (opt for the low profile clips)
Safety/Retention: (A) Excellent retention and safety. The Kydex holds your weapon very well
Comfort: (B+) - You know it's there, but it's not bad. I've dosed off wearing it on several occasions.
Cost: (F) The holster itself isn't bad (starts at $39), but the kydex has worn holes in 3 pairs of jeans.
Overall: (C-) It's a fine holster if you don't mind buying new pants all the time, or don't mind the holes.

Next Guardian
Accessibility: (A) - Can be converted to be worn IWB or OWB, and rides right at the belt line for easy access, Adjustable cant would be nice though.
Concealability: (B-) - Conceals decently with just a button down shirt, but not tuckable. More cant or adjustability would help.
Safety/Retention: (B) The leather keeps the trigger covered well, but the leather could be stitched a bit tighter. It's fairly snug for now, but the leather will loosen and the tension screw doesn't seem to do much. Worn IWB you have the tension from your belt to counter this. There is an optional thumb break.
Comfort: (B-) - A sweat guard would be nice, but it is comfortable. A sweat guard is optional.
Cost: (C) $60 is a bit high to me. If they tightened the stitching, added some adjustment for cant, and brought the leather up slightly against the skin, it would be a better bargain.
Overall: (B) Good quality and versatility, and overall a nice holster. A few improvements would make this a great holster

Re: Holster Reviews AlienGear

PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 4:58 pm
by WEdwards
This is a brief review of my first IWB holster, I've always worn OWB holsters before, or a fanny pack with a holster insert years ago. The holster is a AlienGear,
This is also my first holster using Kydex. The leather and Kydex appear to be of excellent quality, and it is fully adjustable for tilt and depth of carry. The belt clips appear to be of good quality and hold the weapon securely. The belt I use is "A Better Belt USA",

I found this holster very comfortable to wear and I can sometimes forget I am wearing it. The weapon is held close to the body and with fair weapon retention. I usually wear just a tee shirt over the belt & holster with very little printing of the weapon. Now days with cell phone holders on so many belts it is probably less noticeable than before there were cell phones. One other thing I had to do is purchased some pants one size larger for the IWB holster. My other holster is a OWB holster which fits my regular size pants. For reference in the following photos, I am 6' tall, weigh a well nourish 235 pounds.

About the retention: When I first started wearing the holster the retention was very good, but after a few weeks it started loosening up slightly. AlienGear ships additional spacers, screws to adjust this. They even include the needed allen wrench for the screws. However I found that all the additional spacers were the same size as what was already installed. I then used some 80 grit sandpaper to reduce the size of four of the spacers, which helped retention a little, but still not as snug as I wanted. I ended up completely removing the spacers on the trigger side which then gave a snug fit to the SCCY. I did email AlienGear about this, just for their info.
Additional photos can be found here:

I have the tee shirt tucked in to show how the holster fits on the belt. The holster is actually tuckable if you want to do that.

Here I am dressed in my common attire, jeans and a tee shirt.

Re: Holster Reviews RG Leather

PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 5:20 pm
by WEdwards
This is a short review of a OWB holster I got for my SCCY, made by RG Leather, RG Leather also makes quality gun belts, although I don't have one of their belts. This holster is made of quality leather, very comfortable to wear and holds the SCCY close to the body. I had ordered it with a restraining strap, but after wearing it I removed the strap. The strap was not need, weapon retention is very good without it. The holster is so comfortable to wear I sometimes forget I am wearing it.
Ray at RG Leather makes several styles of holsters and can customize one if needed. See his website for additional styles.
The gun belt I use is made by "A Better Belt USA" The quality of their belts are outstanding.

The complete photo album can be found here:
Here are a few photos from that album:

Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2014 2:50 pm
by Camar10
I ordered and received a Bianchi 100T professional size 10A and it fits like a glove. The only difference between the 100 and 100t is the "t" stands for tuckable and it is a little larger than the 100. Still breaking it in because the leather is very stiff, but all in all it is a very comfortable holster and holds my CPX 2 very tight. It is adjustable in 3 different positions. After a few more days of wearing to work, working in the yard and just your everyday routine I will report back and positives or negatives. But right now I say its a winner!

Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:20 pm
by randy27
[[attachment=0]IMG_20140803_220526_876.jpg[/attachment Picked up this holster Saturday. You can use it iwb or owb .wore it around today I'm liking's a SG Accessories local company.

Re: Holster Reviews **ONLY**

PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:05 pm
by dlb
Randy -

let me ask you a question...

(I know that this is going to sound smart-alecky but it' not meant that way, but here goes...)

How in the heck to you draw that gun from that holster if you can get nothing but your pinky around it?