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Re: My first SCCY

Postby Lovin' it » Sun May 10, 2015 4:25 pm

OH oh-I've had my CPX-2 for 30 days and am experiencing the same issue. First the tech on the phone told me it was a mag issue and sent me two new mags. Went to the range and experience 5 hang-ups in the first full mag. If I thumb strip the first round of a full mag, the second round nose is "buried" in a downward position. I don't use a speed loader, and make sure each round is seated properly before loading the next round. I fire Blazer Brass FMJ 115's so the piece should eat it up. My range officer (30 years of competitive shooting) took the gun apart, the mag apart, lubed the entire parts list and fired it himself and experienced the same issue.

I will send the gun back tomorrow and see what they will do. I want a new gun as so many of you seem to have great experiences. But no way I can carry a gun that jams. I have two new Alien holsters ($65) sitting empty, and 800 rounds of Blaze Brass sitting in my safe-another $200 sitting doing nothing.

I'll keep you posted.
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