FoxX and PDA holsters for the CPX

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FoxX and PDA holsters for the CPX

Postby 777Driver » Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:13 pm

I got my CCW last summer, and immediately purchased a SCCY CPX-1. Then I needed to select a holster.
1. The first holster I bought was a “Sticky”, which I bought at a gun store for $20. This is just a gun sleeve made with a material on the outside that resists slipping. The model for the SCCY gun seems a little too small, but works well enough. This is a good holster if you want to carry your gun in a pocket, because it allows you to pull out your gun without snagging. It can also be worn in the front-IWB of your snug-fitting pants, but this is not too comfortable in a sitting position.
2. The next holster I bought was a “Big Slick” holster from ($40 + $6 shipping). This holster is worn outside the pants on the belt, and is made to look like a holster for a large cell-phone (becoming more common with the iPhone 6+, and the Samsung Galaxy Note). I bought the basic black nylon holster with a magnetic snap for quick opening. Options include a synthetic leather holster, and snap clips that make the holster slower to open, but more secure. This holster came with a foam filler pad that can be cut to size so that the gun stays in a good position, and doesn’t rattle around inside the holster. I am very happy with this holster. I have worn it around town, and nobody gives it a second look. Delivery in the mail was very quick. Good holster!
3. Last I went shopping for an IWB holster for times when I wanted total concealment. There is a long list of manufacturers, using various designs and materials. Crossbreed makes a fine product, but is very expensive (starting at $69.75). Alien Gear makes a cheaper product ($30), but the customer reviews were HORRIBLE! Shoddy workmanship, long delivery times (7 weeks), and no answers from phone or email complaints to customer service made me decide NOT to buy Alien Gear. I decided to buy a FoxX holster (, and I’m glad I did. Some manufacturers don’t make holsters for the SCCY, so you have to choose one made for a Kahr or Glock 26, and hope that the CPX will fit. The FoxX website has a SCCY selection, and they mold the Kydex directly to the CPX. Again I went with the basic model, the FoxX IWB Hybrid, made with a black dyed cowhide pad with a molded Kydex sleeve, and metal clips for $39 (includes shipping). I ordered the holster on Dec 7th, and it was at my door on Dec 12th. The quality is very good, the black dye is stable and does not run, and the holster is comfortable to wear. It can be worn at the 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock positions, and the leather pad has five holes for each of the two belt clips so the holster can be adjusted for ride height and forward cant. Options include: Horsehide pad ($15), Kydex clips ($7), and an inside comfort pad ($12.50). This is an outstanding holster, and I highly recommend it for all SCCY gun owners! I am so impressed with FoxX that I am considering buying the “Little FoxX” model to increase my choices.
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Re: FoxX and PDA holsters for the CPX

Postby GoesBang » Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:04 pm

Plus one on the FoxX
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Re: FoxX and PDA holsters for the CPX

Postby RARoss » Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:16 am

Just bought my first CPX-2 in Jan. 2016. I've been looking for a office friendly holster and it appears that the PDA Holster may meet my needs. I work in a Gun Friendly Office, how lucky am I right.... but I don't want to cause any concerns with our clientele by having an visible weapon on my person. Thanks for this info!
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