Magazine Problem and Potential Solution

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Magazine Problem and Potential Solution

Postby Roger33 » Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:07 pm

Last fall I won a new SCCY CPX2. But as luck would have it, one magazine was okay and one was not. Through many weeks of storage with the mags fully loaded and shooting a few different brands of FMJ, the problem magazine would cause "predictable misfeeds." I.E., when loaded with 6 or more, the top round would have low tension against the feed lips and would wobble enough to misalign with the barrel feed ramp; also, sometimes the top round could be removed with the stack NOT moving up!

So I contacted SCCY customer service by email, who graciously and promptly sent me two new replacement mags and a USPS return shipping label (prepaid) for my used mags. While I had all four mags, I took extensive measurements with a dial Vernier caliper. NOTE: I AM NOT A GUNSMITH.

NOTE: The new mags were received with base extensions that have slightly more length than original (better for large hands); there are no markings.

One of the new mags had the same "predictable misfeed" problem (more info below). The other new mag had an unusual spring: it has an extra 1/2 coil and 3/8" length (vs. the other three springs, 9 loops between free ends (oriented toward muzzle), and 4-3/4" long). Wire size is 0.050".

The 4 plastic followers had dimensions matching within 0.002 to 0.004, which seem to be insignificant because they fit the magazine tubes loosely and interchangeably.

The 4 magazine tube feed lip openings vary: At lip rear: 0.329" to 0.334". At mid-lip: 0.323" to 0.332". At lip front: 0.338" to 0.350". (This is hard to measure but if I'm correct, then maybe the SCCY CPX series is less sensitive to its magazine feed lips than other brands, models, and calibers?)

Magazine tube measurements
Original "good": 1.184" top length, 1.190" base length; 0.562" nom. width
Original "problem": 1.171" top length, 1.182" base length; 0.558" nom. width
New "good": 1.170" top length, 1.183" base length; 0.557" nom. width
New "problem": 1.158" top length, 1.172" base length; 0.584" nom. width

According to my Lyman reloading guide, the nominal length of a Lugar 9x19 round is 1.169". THE PROBLEM MAGAZINES BIND THE CARTRIDGE LENGTH. On close visual examination, the magazine top and base profiles are NOT rectangular, as expected. The widths (especially at the top) are concave, not flat. So I put the new magazines into my vise (with cardboard padding), and used a large round-shaft screwdriver to "reach through & pry out" the concaveness, to obtain similar top and base measurements.

The end result is both new magazines are now 1.185" - 1.190" at top and base, and when fully loaded the cartridges have clearance. I shot 30 rounds through each "corrected" magazine with NO misfeeds: 10 2-handed, 10 right hand only, 10 left hand only. (NOTE: The unusual spring described above is not a problem; also, the springs were not "conditioned" by weeks of storage fully loaded.)

Your mileage may vary, but I hope this information helps others.
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Re: Magazine Problem and Potential Solution

Postby tripleb » Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:24 pm

Good job on your diagnosis and ultimate "fix". BTW, the SAAMI specs for a 9mm Luger are 1.000" - 1.169".
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Re: Magazine Problem and Potential Solution

Postby getvicious » Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:26 pm

Pretty thorough.

That's the type of "science experiment" I love to do.

The best part is you actually solved the issue with your two problem mags. I suggest you let Jason at SCCY know what you did and found out.

Good job! :kickback:
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Re: Magazine Problem and Potential Solution

Postby mikie » Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:25 pm

You should do a YouTube video on your fix.
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Re: Magazine Problem and Potential Solution

Postby Roger33 » Wed Feb 04, 2015 4:11 pm

Thank you for the kind responses. I don't have a set of snap gauges to measure the magazine tube at mid-height, but I'm not surprised that concavity may exist for the entire height (not just at top and base).

Cause? My guess is that because the "ammo binding" problem seems to affect a low percentage of magazines, perhaps there is only one faulty machine, process or setup? (Perhaps the forming process is over-folding the right-angle bends slightly, or a process for final shaping needs adjustment.)

I don't video or YouTube, but the process I tried to describe to resolve the concavity problem is really easy. Just be careful to reach your screwdriver or tool ALL THE WAY through the magazine and lever from the vice jaw; otherwise, you may dimple and potentially ruin the magazine tube. Also, you don't need a micrometer to measure the result. Just pass a FMJ cartridge with the rim flat against the tube, and observe the bullet has about 1/32" (0.03") to 1/16" (0.06") of clearance at top, middle and base. No more ammo binding!

Hmmm, I wonder... A de-burred scrap of steel about 1/4"x1-3/4" (1.75") could be used as a Concavity Go-NoGo gauge. I suppose it could even be used (lubricated with high pressure moly grease) to "drive" out the concavity through the entire height of the magazine tube -- but I'll leave this experiment to someone else.
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Re: Magazine Problem and Potential Solution

Postby sccytoter » Fri Feb 06, 2015 11:24 pm

Well, seeing as though SCCY makes their magazines themselves, maybe they need to be notified? Sounds like they are trying to make the correction, from the OP's post.
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