why I use only Dri Slide or equiv. for concealed carry

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why I use only Dri Slide or equiv. for concealed carry

Postby massey1155 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:50 pm

after having a few failures with light primer strikes on my 9.5" bbl Ruger .454 casull I have almost worn the finish off of carrying it every day under a button shirt with one button loose in an X-15 holster and after seeing the build up of grit from being down on the farm and working with fiberglass on my SCCY in just one day. I remembered what Dad told me years ago when I thought it would be a good idea to lubricate the 3pt hitch pins on the tractors. He said that because they are not sealed and are exposed to a lot of grit and dust and are not actually in motion most of the time that any lubricant would just trap dust and form a grinding compound wearing the parts faster. since then I have seen many cases of this happening and removed all of the oils from my carry guns and used some Dri Slide he had from a trade show NIB from 35 yrs ago it is a dry moly lube that goes on wet. it can be found under the name bike aid now but there are others that will work and also not gel in the cold either! in the box was a testamony that during Vietnam they received over 5000 requests for it from soldiers that found it to keep that finicky M-16 running much better than oil. they offered or sent payment but Dri Slide sent the money back to them with a bottle and never charged a grunt for those thousands of bottles! I RUB not spray them down with PB Blaster as i have personally seen its ability to evaporate and still prevent rust.
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