Range Report - First Time at Range with new SCCY CPX 9mm

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Range Report - First Time at Range with new SCCY CPX 9mm

Postby jeep02tj » Mon Mar 02, 2009 11:53 am

I brought my new SCCY CPX 9mm to a local Rod and Gun Club.  The serial number is 014xxx.

I used the following ammo:

-  10 rounds of Winchester 9mm Luger 115gr Full Metal Jacket
-  10 rounds of American Ammunition 9mm Frangible
-  40 rounds of bulk 9mm Luger 124gr (Various casings manufacturers)

The Winchester Ammo worked great.  I know it's only 10 rounds, but no there were no jams.  The American ammo was ok.  1 jam with ten rounds.  The bulk ammo was ok.  2 jams with 40 rounds.  No stove pipes.

The gun performed well.  There are two pins that looked like they were loosening.  There is one just behind the safety that was coming out about 1/8".  I just pushed it back in.  The is another just above the trigger guard.  The same with this.  Coming out a bit.  I just pushed it back into place.

The safety didn't bump my thumb like other people have claimed.  I just kept my thumb a little lower while shooting.

My friend brought his Kel-Tec P11 along.  He allowed me to shoot it.  I have to say, I like the SCCY a little better.  The trigger pull on the SCCY is shorter.  The Kel-Tec's trigger pull felt spongy.  Both guns are very much the same.  Overall I think the SCCY CPX 9mm is a well made pistol for the price.  I plan on keeping it.

Feel free to post back questions.  Thanks for reading.  

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