My first SCCY

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My first SCCY

Postby singleshotcajun » Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:43 am

Just purchased my first SCCY.It is a CPX-2.CHL holder in TX and needed something that would not overly "print".I shot it yesterday.I like it.I knew going in that my twelve inch hands would make shooting it "fun".These days proving out and breaking in a pistol is not what it used to be what with price and availability of Centerfire pistol ammo being what it is. I fed it 60 Win 124 FMJ and 24 PPU 115 HP.Had one hiccup and that was shooter induced.I grew up a 1911 shooter and own almost to exclusion pistols with frame mounted safeties so with that and my big hands my thumb kept finding the slide release. With my strong thumb on top of the slide release it feels natural but the slide does not hold open when empty.With my first try placing my thumb on the grip under the slide release I inadvertently engaged the slide release and locked it open prematurely. Eureka moment...SCCY smart designer gave me a nice little spot to place my 1911 thumb kind of into,with that and week thumb over strong it ran well.The trigger feels like a good double action revolver much like the trigger on my Wife's Colt Lawman II ya it ain't bad at all.Like some others on the SCCY forum I may take a Dremel to the edges of the trigger eventually but if you go "FULL BUGGER HOOK" on it you don't feel the edges. I guess for up close defense finger placement on the trigger ain't real critical. Accuracy was more than acceptable,I did not have to make any sight adjustments and at ten yards had to take a full hold on the target but we expect this with non adjustable sights on a pistol.Once I got the hang of the trigger my shots stopped falling low and printed point of aim,slightly higher with the PPU 115 gr HP. I got an Uncle Mike's size 4 pocket holster for it and it fits nice and does not overly print in my suit pocket or cargo shorts.
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