unusual range trip for 2 sccy pistols.

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unusual range trip for 2 sccy pistols.

Postby ls81 » Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:00 am

I had a cpx-2 a while ago and sold it to fund something else. well a friend bought one and i was inspired to follow him down that road again. last weekend was our scheduled camping trip. with temperatures down around 0 or slightly below we set off both carrying our mostly untested sccy pistols with the intent of doing some shooting along the way. at camp we took sight on an old tree stump and let the lead fly. I was shooting federal my friend was shooting white box. both pistols fired through the first couple mags flawlessly. when my friends started geting dirty he had an ejection issue which i believe was do to his video game inspired one handed shooting technique more than any issue with the gun. my magazine troubles began after he reloaded one of my mags as he had more rounds than i did he may have accidentally mixed the mags up. (doesn't really mater his gun is all of 2 days older than mine). he noticed that my previously good magazine would not load past 3 rounds. i put it away and just continued using one magazine.

The little gun fired through 60 or 70 rounds perfectly without any issue. I even got the brilliant idea to cut a chunk of ice out of a nearby stream and do some ice block shooting not as visually appealing as you might think but better than shooting paper.

one observation between the 2 pistols his ejected shells were all nearby his feet and he did take some brass to the face but mine were about 25 feet away back and to the right not sure which scenario is better but am happy mine were out instead of stuck in the gun. some of that may be due to technique but i am not sure.

I was carrying iwb and had no trouble with the cold but my friend was open carrying and having some stiff slide operation due to thick rem oil in near 0 temperature.
with sccy's warranty service on the mag i am very pleased with this little pistol and fully intend on not letting this one go.
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Re: unusual range trip for 2 sccy pistols.

Postby getvicious » Thu Mar 06, 2014 2:44 pm

That's a pretty good cold weather review.

Your friend was using WWB and he, and you, report some issues with those rounds.

This is interesting since there has been more than one post about recent issues with WWB ammo function and fitting into the magazines.

GoesBang posted a link to this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJM1BDMjge4) about proper grip and the effect of a less than firm hold on the pistol. It's about a PF9 but should apply to any compact plastic pistol and some metal ones too (my JA-22 and JA-380 come to mind). You might show it to your friend and try to steer him away from "his video game inspired one handed shooting technique." IMHO, video game techniques tends to all fall into the Bad Habits category here in the real world. :roll:
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