New SCCY CPX2 first shots

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New SCCY CPX2 first shots

Postby gottabkiddin » Thu Jan 08, 2015 5:55 pm

Not much of a workout for the new pistol, but it proved itself reliable enough for carry as far as I'm concerned. :mrgreen:

The 100 rounds put through it went on without a single issue. The only issue for me regarding the pistol was the two times I short stroked the darn thing. This is how I see it; IMO it's a pretty darn good DA trigger. Very smooth, kinda long, but on par with several others out there that are at a higher price point. The only down side to it is the reset IMO. I think the reset should have more tention on it to help avoid short stroking the long action. For now I'll chalk it up to being spoiled on other triggers in my inventory.

As for the pistol itself, I'm very impressed with how it functioned. Accuracy was by far good enough for defense work and recoil was manageable; stout for sure, but that's to be expected from such a light pistol. I had my mags set up as one with the flush floor plate and the other with the extention. First thing I did when I got home was switch out the pinky extention for the flush floor plate on the additional mag. It only took a couple rounds for me to not like the pinch I was getting for the extended mag, other than that I really like my new $250 dollar blaster. Not the most accurate of my collection, but for defense carry it'll do just fine.

I kept my eye out for the frame crack issue as I with through the round count. So far so good, my serial starts @ 186XXX. Hopefully they got the issue worked out. :?:

Anyway, all in all I'd say as far as I'm concerned it was $250 well spent and I'd recommend the pistol to others..... :kickback:
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Re: New SCCY CPX2 first shots

Postby Ggarv » Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:42 pm

Way cool....sounds like we had about the same first shots fired experience......I agree about the trigger. For the price I'm very impressed. Broke mine down today to clean, in my opinion, it's as nice as some guns costing twice as much.
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Re: New SCCY CPX2 first shots

Postby HootmonSccy » Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:43 am

thanx for the update...
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Re: New SCCY CPX2 first shots

Postby mikeMAGNUM » Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:30 am

Sunday the 8th was my first trip out with our new CPX2 and it sounds like there were a couple others out there with me but I sware I didn't see 'em. I was out in the Glades by myself but I had the same exact experience....100 trouble free rounds and pleasantly surprised by how it handled. Smooooth trigger, manageable recoil, mags dropped free, minute of Bad Guy accuracy from 0 to 50 feet.
Another similar trip and the Pro Raptor takes a hiatus in the safe and CPX2 graduates to EDC.
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Re: New SCCY CPX2 first shots

Postby qwiksdraw » Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:25 pm

Once you learn the trigger the re-set becomes natural. I recently practiced with my CPX2 my defensive pistol skills, doing a lot of unholstering, moving and shooting and don't remember having any trigger issues. I shot over 100 rounds that day.
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