First outing with CPX2

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First outing with CPX2

Postby depletedyourcranium » Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:35 pm

I just got back from putting the first 100 rounds down the pipe of my new black on black cpx2. I tried first some 124 grain fmj ZQI brand ammo and was getting 1-2 rounds fail to fire per magazine. Inspection of the spent and failed rounds exhibited signs of light strikes on the primer. This stuff is marketed as NATO spec ammo so I suspected the primers might be harder than other brands though I had not had issues with this ammo before in other pistols. I switched to Federal 115 grain fmj and had no more issues. Primers on these casings looked well impacted, so it does seem like it was a primer hardness issue. I'll clean out the firing pin channel next time I get a chance. I also fired another 30 rounds of Remington 115 grain hollow points without any issues as well.

I managed to get about a 4-5 inch group at 7 yards which is good for my first time standards with a new pistol. I suspect I'll cut that in half with more trigger time. Point of impact was about 3-4 inches higher than point of aim for right on horizonatlly. I short stroked the trigger a few times on rapid strings, reset feels pretty weak and could be use more tension on the return. Though I got a late start and lost daylight real quick it was a good day for testing. 2 new AR15 set ups (including a 7.62.39) all functioned well and a new to me P3AT also didn't have any hiccups. I'm going to look into what I can do to strengthen the trigger reset on the SCCY and if that works out it may be my new primary carry pistol.
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Re: First outing with CPX2

Postby MARINE DIVISION TWO » Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:18 am

I have no issues with WWB,so people do.Your results are typical experience and your expectations of better grouping are valid ! enjoy your new firearm ! And welcome to the SCCY forum ! MDT
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