second time out

Reports from the Firing Line. Let us know how the shooting went and don't forget to post some pictures!

second time out

Postby chriscpx2 » Sat Jul 23, 2016 6:54 pm

I think it went well only one failure to fire but reloaded it back into next mag and no problems I own three guns sccy cpx2 rugar sr9c and a high point 995ts
I'm new to pistols i guess it don't matter if it is DAO or striker fired with the sccy i was able to hit around the B E at 5 yards 7 yard and 10 yards granted at the 10 yard mark they were not real tight but two hit the B E and the rest hit the paper 16x16 target so far so good nothing falling apart fingers crossed i got one of the good ones I did only shoot 50 rounds
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