Intermittent FTF

Reports from the Firing Line. Let us know how the shooting went and don't forget to post some pictures!

Re: Intermittent FTF

Postby Lefty Red » Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:26 pm

sccytoter wrote:
wrench459 wrote:
Whitebear620 wrote:I know a lot of people are all the rage about the 147grn JHPs, but from what I've read it seems the SCCYs can be picky about these.

My Sky will eat 147 gr for breakfast,lunch and dinner ..if I let it.:-)

Lol, consider yourself lucky! Mine will run just about every bullet profile, even my Remington Golden Sabres, as long as they are 124 grain or less. I think the bullet profile, on the 147's, are too long for mine to cycle correctly. That's no biggy for me though, because with the 995 carbine and it's 16" barrel, those 147's run a little faster anyways...I like them in the carbine.

Same here, I keep a 9mm bullet to 124gr or lower.


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