Guys that reload Question for you?

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Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby nativio » Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:29 pm

Hello, I have a new Gen 2. I have about 500 rounds through it and it is broken in. I want to start reloading my own rounds and had a couple of questions for you. 1. Does it save you any money? Currently I am spending about 26 cents per round. 2. Is it o.k. to shoot lead out of these guns. My friend who shoots said not to. I have looked into this and have found out a lot of it depends on how many grains you use. I already have 1000 rounds of brass. I can get the powder for $20.00 a pound and primers for $40.00 a 1,000. Let me know what your thought are. Thanks Bill
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby 70SuperSport » Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:41 am

I'm curious about this, too...
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby JSMoore » Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:20 am

I have gone back to reloading out of necessity. Ammo of all types has gotten so scarce and so expensive, I don't have much choice. Using a combination of the figures you supplied and my own cost of supplies, here's what I come up with:

Brass - I figured $0.00, since you said you already have some. But, eventually, you'll have to replace some. Right now, I see prices of around $15.00 per hundred.

Bullets - Montana Gold 115gr JHP $ 0.1995 each, (my last purchase)
Powder - 1 lb. (7000gr), avg 4gr +/- per reload. $ 0.0114 each, (your figure $20 per pound)
Primer - 1000 @ $40.00 $ 0.04 each, (your figure)
The math $ 0.2509 each

If you can actually buy 9mm in your area for $ 0.26 each, average...... I'd say there are better ways to use your time than reloading. That's even more true if you factor in the cost of the brass and the cost of your reloading equipment. I reload for 2 primary reasons; 1. I am retired, have the time, and enjoy doing it. 2. I shoot .380ACP, 9mm & .45ACP. When I can find a box of ammo left on a shelf somewhere, it's $25 to $35 per 50 round box. WAY too expensive!
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby badgercarry » Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:54 pm

Yes, you can save money but more importantly, you will have a secondary source for ammunition. Lets say you want to lay in 1000 rds of 9mm...if it were available. A thousand reloads is one pound of Bullseye or W231, one brick of small pistol primers, and the bullets. I cast my own, but you can buy cast , plated or jacketed bullets at a reasonable price. NY just mandated backgroud checks for ammo purchase, so what does that tell you? Right now primers and bullets are in short supply, but if you can pick up a basic supply as they become available you will have that valuable secondary source. I pick my CPX-2 up tomorrow, but my EAA Witness will put 10 of my reloads into less than 2" at 25 yds. (115gr FMJ Berry plated bullet, 4.8gr Bullseye, Winchester primer in range brass sorted bt headstamp). I've found 9mm brass to be good for about 2 reloads, but it's always available because most shooters don't reload it.
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby Vettewine » Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:36 pm

I, too, reload for enjoyment and accuracy but more importantly for ammo availability. Once-fired brass can be picked up at any range for little or nothing, I buy primers in lots of at least 5000, powder which also may become scarce as ammo (as will primers) is still available locally (I don't buy it online as it costs too much for the hazmat fee) for around $20 to $25 per lb and I've already bought most all my reloading equipment back in the 70s (much cheaper than today's prices) although I still add stuff like digital scales, etc.

Reload for fun and accuracy and if you're lucky you may even save some money over the match ammo which you can duplicate for less than it sells for. Also, you can pick any bullet style or shape that you like and work up the best load for your individual gun for more consistent results. I currently reload .223/5.56, .38 Spl, .357 Mag, 9mm, .303 Brit and 7x57 Mauser (I used to reload .444 Marlin but sold the rifle). I've been reloading for about 40 years and I never get tired of it.
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby myhobbyz » Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:14 am

I realize this is an older post but I came across it and want to reply. If you have your own used brass and reload buying hard cast lead bullets, YES you can save about 50% of the cost over FMJ factory ammo. Now you would need to have all the equipment already: manuals, press, carbide dies, shell holders, scales, calipers, bullet puller, funnels. There are definitely more items you can get depending on the cartridges you reload for (especially rifle) but this would get you by for pistol ammo to get you started.
** What you need to understand is that it will take you awhile to recoup you initial investment in the equipment costs but after that you are in the black, and the truth is you just shoot twice as much or twice as often knowing this.
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby Sccysthelimit » Sun Feb 15, 2015 9:42 pm

This is my first post here. Hi to All. I have a CPX 2 and like it a lot!

I've been reloading pistol rounds for over 20 years. I started with 9mm but quickly added all of the popular calibers above it. If all you're doing is 9mm, the payback is going to take a LONG time and if it's only about the money, I'd say just buy in 1k bulk packs and don't bother reloading. Clean and sell your once fired brass for some cost offset.

I still feel it's worth reloading 9mm but reloading for me is kind of therapeutic so I enjoy it. I'm getting better ammo for less money too.

As for the costs, the bullet is key. Primer and powder combined is 3 cents a round and brass is "free." I've been using Rainier and Berry plated bullets. You get the price of lead but enough copper coating to make gun cleaning easy. I recently started buying some FMJ bullets from some of the online places (1 of them mentioned above). I've been paying between 8 and 12 cents a bullet so for me it's worthwhile. The larger the caliber, the bigger the savings.
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby getvicious » Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:58 pm

Sccysthelimit - Howdy and welcome from NC.
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby Hank#zudd » Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:46 pm

I load for everything I shoot; if you're near Cabela's (or someone who'll so the same), buy online (if the
store's out of stock) and have it shipped for in store pickup (primarily boolits & brass);
unfortunlatly, they won't do this with powder or primers;
you still have to pay the hazmat fee. but buy & stock up for future.

BTW, anything online on sale, if it's in stock at the store can be had for the online sale price (Cabelas)

I used to go by Ammo To Go whse when John was working out of a dirt floor tin garage; the view was impressive;
semi trucks picking up & delivering at the same time. I asked him about so much ammo in that unheated garage
& he said as long as there wasn't quick extreme temp. changes, the factory packaging was good enough.
I read stories of guys that bought 100lb kegs of powder after WWII that kept it stored properly & used it for

Find other reloaders in your area (shooting club?) that you can do group buys for powder; you can usually mix
the types of powder & most suppliers will ship up to a certian amount for one hazmat fee.

Don't be afraid to shoot lead boolits; get more info & make the right decision for you. Harder cast lead
bullets don't foul as easy as non-hard cast. Missouri Bullet Co makes some excellent products; there's also colored
poly coated bullets now that are cheaper than copper jacketed & don't lead up a bbl. They don't cost much
more than non-coated lead bullets.

I get more pleasure out of going out to my workshop & reloading & listening to Gun Talk or other podcast while reloading than watching sports or other crap on the tube.
It's worth the investment; guys talk about the cost of getting into reloading (press, dies, ect) but I bet they have a decent set of tools to work on their car. Guess they don't want to pay someone to do what they can.
Reloading ain't that hard, just get a good manual & follow the directions.

ETA- I just noticed the date this post started; reloading now, even with the availabalitity of ammo is still cheaper.
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby Hank#zudd » Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:26 pm

your are absoulutly right about only loading for a limited range of shooting;
but if a guy sees how easy it is to do, them maybe getting into AR's & other
centerfire rifle & large pistol caliber's will make alot of sense.

I just know during all the diffrent ammo panics of the last 10 years I never had
to question wether to go to the range to practice, or teach someone else to shoot;
except for defensive handgun carry ammo, I run my reloads in most situations.
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby mkiker2089 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:10 pm ... -124gr-fmj

I don't reload 9mm because I don't think it's worth the time when I can buy ammo for >20 cents. My brother reloads but he actually enjoys tedious work and does it as a hobby.

I will probably invest in reloading 38 special because it saves a little more, but so I haven't.

In my area people say ammo is scarce as well but I don't see it. I live near Charlotte and I have several stores that stock even 22lr which is supposed to cause riots when it comes in. I think ammo prices may actually be comming down, or I'm just getting better at finding deals.
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby lamarw » Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:54 pm

your question applies to one specific round. With my two turret presses I reload 14 different handgun and 6 different rifle rounds. I also have a 12 gauge press, a 20 gauge press and a .410 press for shotguns rounds.

All of my equipment has long ago paid for it cost. In fact, I dare say I can sell if for more than I ever paid for it. I can reload 9mm for about 15 Cents a round. But there are many of other rounds where the cost savings is much higher.

If I buy a new firearm with a caliber outside my stable, I can typically add the dies needed for around forty bucks. I would say 500 rounds will pay for the cost of the dies, and I am once again ahead in the area of cost and independence.
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby getvicious » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:09 pm

lamarw - I've been thinking about reloading for a few years now but don't have a clear idea of a realistic cost per round (per caliber) to reload. I hear anything from ridiculously low numbers (like 7 cents a round for 5.56) to more than the cost of commercial ammo.

Can you give us a list of the calibers you reload and what you think the average cost per round is?
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby GoesBang » Wed Oct 21, 2015 12:07 am

I started reloading earlier this year and started with help/instruction from a friend. I've evolved this into a great hobby.

Currently reloading 9mm with mostly plated Berry's and XTreme bullets. 40 S&W 155gr SWC. 45 ACP with Berry's 230gr PRN

Powder and primers are plentiful locally. Still building up on brass.

Cost/round varies mostly with bullet choice. 10 cents to 20 cents each
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Re: Guys that reload Question for you?

Postby Griswald » Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:36 am

I am reloading 9mm for my SCCY and Sig, and the difference in cost between reloads and factory isn't that great. Depending on when and how much supplies you buy you can actually be in the red reloading 9mm.

BUT, and it's a big one, the difference between shooting a hundred WWB 115 grain FMJ's and my own 115 grain FMJ's is easily seen in the diameter of the holes in the target. After you get a load dialed in, it will be as consistent and accurate as the pistol (and shooter) can be. My overall hole diameters go from around 24" down to 12" or 10" or better. Also, my loads seem to be cleaner.

That is worth the price and time. And I load on a Lee hand press, so 100 rounds can take me 2 hours. Looking for a more automated system as a Christmas present this year.
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