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Postby lamarw » Sun Jun 12, 2016 12:51 pm

This is a continuation of my cost to reload various rounds. This weekend, I started reloading 357 Sig. It is an unusual round since it does not have a straight wall casing for the brass like a vast majority of other handgun rounds. It is more similar to a rifle round. You have to use a case lube to size previously fired brass back to factory spec. Straight wall case do not require a case lube when sizing. The significance here is you have to clean the case lube off the brass either before or after loading. I prefer to do so by depriming and sizing the brass prior to cleaning the brass in my ultrasonic. The ultrasonic then cleans the primer pocket of the brass and removes all traces of the case lube.

Here is my experience with cost of reloading one round of the 357 Sig:

Primer 3 cents
Once fired Brass 2 cents
Powder (7.3 gr. Unique) 3 cents
Bullets (Speer FMJ) 12 cents

Total 20 cents per round.

As a comparison, the cost of newly purchased ammunition for the 357 Sig is a little over 90 cents per round.
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