Arthritic Hands Tried Barnes TAC-XPD 115g+P

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Arthritic Hands Tried Barnes TAC-XPD 115g+P

Postby Mike 1943 » Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:50 am

Hi everyone. This post is mainly for shooters with hand disabilities or those who are recoil sensitive. I only own two pistols, a SCCY 2 and a Taurus PT740. Today I tried out a box of 20 of the Barnes TAC-XPD ammo in both pistols and have to say that I was impressed. Recoil was easily handled, no failures of any kind and ejected shells fell a healthy distance from each pistol. I had read that the 9mm TAC-XPD ammo was very anemic and some have reported poor ejection but in my case neither was the case. The ammo may not be +P in reality but in a makeshift test of 4 layers of denim in front of four x 1 gallon water bottles, it burst through three bottles before entering the fourth. The retrieved bullet had mushroomed perfectly with wide open petals. Not a decent enough test to establish the ammo as carry safe yet if you do carry, but it is looking good and if like me you have a weak grip and/or arthritic hand and wrist bones then I can well recommend trying the Barnes. For the moment it is loaded into both the SCCY and the Taurus as house gun ammo and I have no reason to think that it wouldn't rise to the occasion should it be necessary. Yes, I was impressed with this ammo. And I'm equally impressed with the SCCY which performed as well as any other semi auto pistol I've used, and I've used a lot over 50 years. It will not be carried or shot much - I rarely leave the house so it'll get a weekend workout just to keep my hand in - so I doubt that I'll need to use their excellent warranty.
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