Any Laserlyte UTA-FR Owners CPX-2

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Any Laserlyte UTA-FR Owners CPX-2

Postby lonewolf0420 » Tue Jul 12, 2016 7:04 pm

I can't get this laser sight to line up with my bore sight (which is a laserlyte as well)
I can get it to within 2in below the bore sight, anymore and the adjustment screw comes out.
I've already RMA'ed the laser once, due to the screw falling out, and not re-adjusting when put back. .

I'm at a loss. Haven't had time to sit with LL support.
Any thoughts?

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Re: Any Laserlyte UTA-FR Owners CPX-2

Postby PROF59 » Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:42 pm

Sorry, some might consider this dead but no response so here goes. Sight comes with adjustments full left and down so sight across the room to get in the ball park. The adjustment will not move dot up far enough at close range due to distance between laser and muzzle. If the screw comes out you are trying too hard, just put it back in and move target farther back. Mine came out trying to align across dining room but was ok at 7 yards. Don't try to adjust dot to point of impact, just keep it 1.5" to 2" below and will be same at all practical distances. Also need to tighten the mounting screw so touching adjustment screws does not move dot. Don't try to pull the left/right mount parts together with the screws, they will strip. Squeze together, hold, and tighten carefully. Mine works great even after couple mags of NATO ball (possibley meant for machine guns since some primer cratering). All in all a good deal for about $90 even if very basic instructions.
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