Iwb for large guy

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Iwb for large guy

Postby gstone » Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:11 pm

Hey all, so I recently purchased a Taurus 111 G2 for concealed carry and also purchased the Cloak Tuck leather holster from Alien Gear. I tried for about a week to figure out how to wear this with out it A:) Pulling my jeans to my ankles, no one wants that. B:) Not being super uncomfortable and having to tighten my belt up to the point of not breathing. Well no luck, the G2 was just too heavy for my build, I'm 5'10'' and 240lbs with a bit of a belly and no butt to speak of. I sold the g2 and have purchased a Sccy Cpx2 which I have to say I really love. Its lighter then the G2 by 6oz, smaller grip and has a flat mag plate, my only printing issue with the G2 was the pinky ext. on the mag that isnt replaceable (without modification anyway)

I am returning the cloak tuck and I am trying to figure out what holster for the cpx would be best and something I could carry iwb for 8 hours a day, sitting, driving, and standing/walking. I have looked at concealment express holsters, N82, Galco tuck and go (have this for my lcp and its awesome, but tiny) another Galco leather that i dont recall the name of now, Desantis sof tuck, and possibly a Remora or Sticky holster. I have limited handgun experience for ccw and no holster knowledge. I did purchase a Cordura infused gun belt from my local store that is super rigid and holds up very well, I can hang 2 battery impact drivers on it and it doesnt sag or bend. So anyone out there got any suggestions and some help. My budget is around 40-50 for now and I prefer to carry at around 4:00, appendix just doesnt work for me, digs into my leg/thigh when i sit down.

Thanks all
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Re: Iwb for large guy

Postby Mark38090 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:37 pm

I have a similar issue. I'm 5'9" 225 with a gut. I've tried belt slide, versacarry, and i just bought an Outbags hybrid that I'm trying out.
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Iwb for large guy

Postby ursamajor » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:44 am

A Desantis Pocket Tuk canted at 20 degrees.

It's soft, has both adjustable cant and height, and is tuckable if you want it You can also just take the belt clip off and use it as a pocket holster.

Suede is always more comfortable than plastic or kydex.

Or you can look at Ace Case. But those are not as versatile, nor adjustable.

As for a belt, nothing lasts as long as Boston leather belts-nothing even comes close. Anyone who tells you differently is either lying, or trying to sell you something. I don't know what they do, but I've gone through customs etc, and NOTHING holds up like Bostons. Not even close.

I've worn mine nearly every day for close to a decade. Still looks fantastic. No cracks, fading etc. Ive no doubt that it still has decades of life left in it.

You can get the "Off Duty" belt for less than $20, and never have to buy another belt for the rest of your life.

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